FAQ’s About Saffron Cultivation

Why is saffron so hard to cultivate?

Saffron is a spice used mostly in cooking (see our recipes), medicines (see the research breakdown on Saffron), and skincare. This spice is hard to cultivate because of various reasons which are going through. Crocus sativus; the flower that produces saffron, cannot be seen everywhere. In fact, the saffron plants can only be seen in extremely hot or cold weather places and they mostly grow in hard, rocky, and sandy soil.

Let’s find out the answers to some frequently asked questions about the plant saffron crocus sativus cultivation

How long does saffron take to grow?

These purple flowers bloom after 6 – 10 weeks after planting. The planting time of crocus flowers is from July to September and the harvesting time is between October and November. Therefore, people call it fall-planted. 

How many flowers are in a saffron bulb?

This fall planted saffron spice is hard to harvest as it only grows in some specific regions with specific temperatures. People call it autumn-flowering because it mostly grows in autumn. Not only the season and temperature make its growth limited but also it grows one flower per bulb. The good news is that this plant multiplies rapidly and gives you enough saffron per year.

How much saffron do you get from one plant?

A single saffron flower gives only three red stigmas; the spice that we use in our food. These bright red stigmas can be used in fresh form or you can dry and then store the dried stigmas for up to six months for later use. 

How often does the saffron flower bloom?

Saffron flowers bloom once a year in the autumn season. You can only see the bloom of this flower year after year with only three saffron stigmas per flower.