Which Saffron is Good

Which Saffron is Good? 2020 Tips

The world’s most expensive spice comes in different types of taste, colours, sizes, and smells. The dried stigmas of Crocus sativus flowers are hand-picked that have a complete process of drying by hand. This process of saffron crocus growth and getting dried makes saffron greater than the worth of gold by weight.

Saffron is mostly grown in India from where we get Kashmiri Saffron, Iran, Spain, and Italy in large quantities that are being served to the world. Also, some other countries like Australia and New Zealand have a different style of saffron growth. However, the best saffron in the world is the Iranian saffron which is also called Persian saffron. Iranian saffron is considered the most famous and high-quality saffron that has dark orange colour stigmas or nearly red stigmas.

There are some things to notice and steps to take when choosing your saffron. Here are some common points to remember while selecting the saffron according to your need.


  1.   Key Components

The main differences you can see while picking your saffron are:


  1.   Colour of the saffron

The Saffron colour range is important when finding the best one. The best quality of saffron that has the highest health benefits comes in dark red colour or you in an orangish-brown. The lighter shades that are available without good benefits come in the range of bright yellow to the light-yellow colour. People use these light-coloured saffron for colouring the clothes and other things but for eating, drinking, and medication, you should aim to find saffron that is in between red to dark orange. 

  1.    The smell of the saffron

The original high-quality saffron has a sweet aromatic smell that can be sensed even when cooked in a rice dish that only has threads in small amounts of warm water or saffron extract that is used in cooking. 

  1.   Usage: Threads or Powder

Saffron can be used in multiple ways. You can pour the threads into boiling sauces, sprinkle the crushed version on your food, make saffron powder, mix in batter, or soak in the warm water. All these ways bring a different kind of colouring and presentation to the dish.

  • You can decorate your dish with saffron threads, the chef’s style.
  • You can use a pinch of powdered saffron to add beautiful colour to your drinks.
  • You can add contrast to your vanilla ice cream by a little dense steeped saffron. There are hundreds of uses depending on your imagination and creativity.