Best Saffron

Which Country has the best saffron?

Saffron is mainly found in three varieties- Kashmiri saffron, Persian Saffron, and Spanish Saffron. The highest-quality and the purest kind of Saffron is found in Kashmir, India.

The top quality Saffron is nurtured in the plateaus of Jammu and Kashmir, where the sub-tropical climates favor its taste, flavor, and texture. The Kashmiri Saffron is deep red or dark red in color.

In ancient times, Pampore also known as Padampur, is called the Saffron village of India or the Saffron town of Kashmir.

How to tell if saffron is of good quality? Let’s go through the following:

What Makes High-Quality Saffron?

Saffron goes through a lot of stages before it gets packed and reaches the local market. How it grew, cultivated, dried, and stored is decided on the quality of saffron.

The Right Climate for Cultivation 

Saffron is cultivated best in the extreme cold, wet winters, hot summers, and sandy soil. Saffron is produced mostly in Iran, Afghanistan, India, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Morocco. The biggest consumer market of saffron is in the US, also, saffron is cultivated in some parts of the US like Washington and Pennsylvania.

Hand Picking Saffron

The most difficult part of the whole process of producing saffron is harvesting the stigmas of the crocus flower. The farmers pluck crocus sativus flowers then its threads are picked up by hands. This process is done on the specific day when the flower is about to bloom early in the morning. 

At this time, the stigmas of this autumn-flowering are fully fresh and pick with care. These are the highest quality saffrons of any particular saffron town. The highest quality is also observed by the color of the threads, they are dark red, and their subtype is called negin grade saffron (in Persian and Afghani saffron). Negin is the premium quality saffron obtained by a lot of work and high skills. 

The all-red saffron threads with darker tips are called sargol saffron whereas the whitish-yellow ends of the threads are aromatic but are flavorless. 

All the good saffron brands and manufacturers tell the right type and grade of saffron on their packaging. 

How to Test the Quality of Saffron?

To test whether the saffron is real or fake, you need to check it keenly by the following methods:

  • Smell the saffron if you find the unique aromatic and a little sweet smell, then the chances of it being real are high. 
  • Saffron stores multiple tastes at the same time, you will find it a little sweet, slightly spicy, and a floral taste.
  • Put a few saffron threads in the water. If they quickly release color and the color of the threads start fading, they are fake with artificial color coating. The real saffron threads slowly release the color, and the threads remain bright red. 

The above three tests are the most important factors that decide the color, smell, and taste of the saffron. Crocin belongs to the color factor, safranal belongs to the aroma, and picrocrocin provides the taste.

Best Saffron Brand in the World?

There are many good brands available from where you can buy quality saffron around the world. Some of them are listed below:

Zaran Saffron

Persian saffron is considered the most valuable saffron around the world because it is the best quality saffron. The highest quality brand is the Zaran Saffron as here, threads are properly tested and graded by all three factors, i.e., crocin, safranal, and picrocrocin.


yourSaffron we using the premium quality Persian saffron, organic, perfectly tested for all the factors, growing and packed in iran

Golden Saffron

Among the front runners, another Persian saffron brand named Golden Saffron is the finest one. These all-red threads have unmatchable flavor and aroma.

Super Red Saffron

The super negin grade saffron is sold by the brand-named Fire Red Saffron. It is the highest quality saffron grown in Afghanistan and gets the highest-grade A+ rating.

Delitaliana Spanish Saffron

The all-red Spanish Delitaliana Saffron is the highest quality that grows without any fertilizers and is packed with natural color and flavor.