Where does Himalayan salt come from

Himalayan pink salt can be sold around the world in large amounts in the form of lamps, statues, and table salt. This salt comes from the ancient seabed which was later crystallized about 600 million years ago. It is extracted from the range of Khewra salt mine in Punjab, Pakistan, and is a part of the parent mountain range called the Himalayas.

The south Himalayan range is the mountains of Pakistan connected with Afghanistan’s mountains the Hindu Kush which together are known as The Hindu Kush Himalayas (HKH). The Himalayas is spread in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, China, Bhutan, and Myanmar covering high peaks like Mount Everest, K-2, Nanga Parbat, etc., among which Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world with the highest peak of 8849m located in Nepal 

Pink salt from the Himalayas
Pink himalayan salt

Where does Kirkland Himalayan pink salt come from?

Kirkland Himalayan salt is the high-quality salt mined deep inside the mountains of Himalayan which comes with a lot of health benefits. The trace minerals including iron, potassium, magnesium etc., are present in the salt. They all together make a total of 82 minerals that are required by the body to function properly. These 250+ million years old salt formed to serve today for so many purposes include cooking, skincare, and dressing the food.

Where does Himalayan pink salt come from?

If you are using Himalayan salt from a company that claims that it is made in India or any other country of the world except Pakistan, then you have got the wrong information. In fact, the Himalayan pink salt doesn’t even come from the mountain range of the Himalayas. Then where does Himalayan rock salt come from? 

It is mined 186 miles away from the South of the Himalayas in Pakistan at the Khewra Salt Mine. Today, it’s a popular tourist destination and a mine from where the salt is extracted.

Himalayan Salt
Himalayan pink salt in copper cup at loft kitchen

How do 800 million pounds of Himalayan salt are mined each year?

Extracting pink salt means getting into the giant dark caves. It’s where you need to make blasts to break heavy rock and then carry it to trucks which is very dangerous. The extraction process is difficult as a lot of work here is done manually. This mine is producing most of the world’s pink salt.

The mining starts with a train that takes the miners into the mine through a man-made tunnel that is stretched to 25 miles and is always at 64°F. The Khewra salt mine consists of 17 levels. 5 levels are above the ground floor, 6th is the ground floor and 11 are under the ground floor. 300 miners work here in the dark chambers of the mine. 

They used many of the mining tools including pickaxes, drills, and gun powders for over a century. Through head-auger the miners drill the salt walls, then pack it with gun powder and ignite it with a safety fuse, and at last blast out the salt. After making a blast, the miners, for the safe side, wait for at least half an hour before getting in and start loading the salt. The miners spend 8 hours shifts at a time.

Half of the salt is mined, and the rest is used in making tunnel structure, so the chambers do not collapse. Miners excavate almost 1000 tons of salt each day which is taken out through tractors. The best color and shape of the rock are selected, loaded in the truck, and sent to the manufacturers.

Most of the salt is exported in India at cheap prices where India processes it and labels it as “Made in India” and sells it at a premium price. A report has been made that says that a ton is sold at $40 in India and $300 in Europe, and the country which is the sole provider of this pink salt is getting the minimum amount of the money while getting the most extensive and crucial work.

Himalayan rock salt is a finite resource but has a huge amount. At Khewra mines, nearly 220 million tons are currently accessible out of 6.7 billion tons in total. The mine is extracting and providing a vast supply due to the use of salt not only in cooking but in adding aesthetics in your room and taking care and treating your skin through it. This salt is great in so many ways and we should recognize its greatness by making it a part of our life.