Saffron During Pregnancy

Saffron During Pregnancy: When Should be Taken

The golden, most expensive spice Saffron with its unique flavour and aroma is not only used for adding taste in the meals but for several other health benefits too. It is a very powerful herb that is used to reduce blood pressure, depression, and many other mental and physical health issues along with different medications.

The rise in the use of saffron signifies that this herb has significant health benefits. It is used in many skincare products as it possesses antioxidant properties amongst other health-enhancing abilities. 

What is the use of saffron during pregnancy?

There are some noted health benefits that can be obtained by consuming saffron during pregnancy. A common myth about saffron is that it helps the baby have a fair complexion when consumed during pregnancy but while that has not been proven here are some of the essential benefits of saffron are listed below:

1.    Reduces Mood Swings

Pregnancy brings hormonal discomforts that result in mood swings, anger, and anxiety attacks. It is beneficial to consume saffron milk as an antidepressant to ease your mental discomforts as it produces the hormone serotonin that elevates your mood, happiness, and feeling of wellbeing. 

2.    Manages Blood Pressure

During pregnancy, a woman’s heartbeat becomes 25% faster that may lead to an increase in blood flow and fluctuations in blood pressure. The crocetin and potassium in saffron help in lowering down your blood pressure. 

3.    Beat Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is usual in the first trimesters during pregnancy that often gets worsen with severe nausea and vomiting. The anecdotal in saffron benefits in combating morning sickness. 

4.    Reduces Hair Loss

Hormonal change during pregnancy brings a lot of disbalance physically. Hair loss is one of them. With many other remedies, women during pregnancy, use to make saffron, milk, and licorice paste to reduce hair loss. 

5.    Helps You Experience Movement of the Baby

Saffron consumption increases your body heat that results in the movement of the baby. It is a good sign that your baby doing normally in your womb and a great pleasure to be able to experience this little happiness.

Is it safe to drink saffron (Kesar) milk during pregnancy? 

Yes, the consumption of saffron milk is good for expectant mothers because of obtaining numerous medicinal properties. A warm glass of milk with saffron is a comforting drink for stress, anxiety, mood swings, and pains during pregnancy, However, taking saffron in large amount can cause the uterine contractions that result in premature delivery.

Some of the precautions you need to keep in mind during pregnancy while taking the saffron:

·         The fifth month of pregnancy is when consuming saffron will give no harm as the baby get stable and the chances of any uncertainty due to premature contractions are reduced.

·         Do not use more than 2 – 3 threads of saffron in milk, an excessive amount of it may be harmful to your health.

·         For a pregnant woman, it is advised to get the original, high-quality saffron and not the artificial strands of it with impurities and added colouring and flavours.    

With many benefits, there are some side effects of saffron during pregnancy. Try to be vigilant and use a limited amount with the correct way to obtain the maximum benefits and zero side effects.

Saffron when breastfeeding

A large amount of saffron at the time of breastfeeding is not a good idea as it can cause an increase in blood pressure and is not safe for both, the mother, and the baby.

You can take a very little amount of saffron with milk to have the energy boost and calming mood.