Saffron Syrup

What Is Saffron Syrup ?

Saffron syrup is a wonderful syrup that many people love to keep in their homes. It works not only as a beautifying agent in meals and drinks but also adds a great aroma and color to them. Let’s see what the ingredients are used in it to make it a perfect beverage. You will need:

  •       One cup of water
  •       Saffron threads (15 threads approx.)
  •       One cup of sugar or honey

Remember to take equal parts of sugar and water, but if you want to make your syrup in a different way, you are open to making changes. Add the saffron strands in a cup of water and let them sit for 45 minutes to an hour.

You need to leave the strands for a longer time for a stronger flavor. For the next step, mix the sugar or honey with the saffron water and let it boil. Turn off the heat when it starts boiling and you are done making your next favorite syrup at home.

You can buy the Monin brand of saffron syrup which is considered the best among all.


All You Need to Know About Saffron Syrup

Saffron syrup is an all-rounder you can add to all types of foods. Either you are going to serve a steak or eat a morning salad. It can be good with all types of cocktails and a great addition to desserts like ice cream.

The syrup doesn’t require a lot of ingredients or ingredients that are hard to find, and you can make this simple syrup using simple instructions. You can keep it at room temperature and use it for the longest time possible.

Saffron spice comes from a saffron flower which is one of the expensive spices for a reason. It has multiple health benefits including the relief in premenstrual syndrome PMS, mild to moderate Alzheimer’s, oxidative stress, the prevention, and reduction of forming cancer cells, treatment of erectile dysfunction, etc. The effects of saffron are therapeutic and are loved by many as it improves mood instantly. In Iran, people love it as this is a great source to heal depression and has no side effects. You can buy saffron supplements and add them to your daily diets after consulting with your consultant. But make sure not to take high doses of it as everything you take more than the level of moderation is becoming dangerous.

Make a saffron coffee or mix it with yogurt, this syrup can brighten up your morning breakfasts and make your dinners excited.

Fun Facts

Saffron syrup has some amazing facts that you should know:

  •       This syrup has no additives or conservatives. After opening, store it at room temperature or refrigerate it. Use the syrup for up to three months for adding flavor to your meals.
  •       This naturally yellow-colored saffron simple syrup has a spicy taste, and it can be added to any beverage of your choice.
  •       Add a spoon of saffron syrup while cooking, to add a sweet taste to the food. In addition, sweetness adds a bright color to your dish.
Saffron Fun Facts

Uses of Saffron Syrup

Saffron syrup uses are:

  •       The saffron syrup is used to caramelize meat before cooking.
  •       Use it as a topping for the meals made of fish before frying or putting it in the oven.
  •       You can add it to hot cheese sandwiches.
  •       You can add it to flavor yogurts or ice cream of your favorite choice.
  •       You can pour it as a topping for your fruit salad, waffles, or other desserts.


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