Saffron Taste

What does Saffron taste like?

Among the most expensive spices in the world, saffron is perched in the first position because of its rarity, beauty, taste, and health benefits. Finding a word to describe the taste of saffron is very difficult. For some people, it tastes like the smell of the earth after rain, for others, it has a slight honey-like sweet taste. Everyone describes it differently; you can only get the right understanding of its taste by trying it for yourself. If the saffron you have or you are going to buy is prepared properly with maximum originality, then you will get the most of it to understand the taste even the aromatic smell leads you to its taste before tasting it.

The best way to enjoy saffron needs a little process. Take 8 – 10 threads of saffron and infuse them in hot water for at least 15 – 20 minutes. Now add this water to the meal you are preparing. The taste is only one part, you also will experience the colour and aroma in your meal after adding this star ingredient. The mild fragrance it adds to any dish is enough to influence our taste buds. The aroma already gives a hint to our brains to make assumptions about the taste even before consuming it. It astonishingly enhances your meal from regular flavours to that fit for royals.

Some foods have a foul smell that tells our brain that the food we are going to eat is good or bad but when we eat that food, it tastes completely opposite of what our brain experienced by smelling. The essence of saffron is like rose essence. The rose essence is put in desserts while you can put the saffron essence in both sweet and savoury dishes. Also, the enhancement in the taste can be observed if you choose the dishes having a mild taste, otherwise, the sharp tastes and flavours of other spices will diminish the taste of saffron. The mild tasted dishes in which saffron is usually added can be rice-based meals or milk-based desserts. In these dishes, you can feel the richness and a little sweetness of saffron.

Besides natural honey, many people put small amounts of saffron in their regular drinking tea and other drinks as these both can work as sugar substitutes for them. You can find saffron in a natural sweetener available like maple syrup, corn syrup, and many honey products. The products that are enhanced by adding saffron for taste and smell are better than the artificial sweeteners you consume in the products.

Although this earthy taste spice is in high demand, its availability is much lower compared to other spices. Its growth is limited with respect to area and season both but yes you can save it for a long time as it has a long shelf life. If saffron would be available in a plentiful amount, then even its unique taste, smell, and colour its cost become lesser than the cost in which we are buying it today. The quality, rarity, and labour costs are combined to make this heavenly great product, expensive.