Table Salt vs Himalayan Salt

Table Salt vs Himalayan Salt Which One is Good?

Salt is a mineral that is the necessity of life in terms of the food we eat. It has 98% of sodium chloride. It is produced by evaporating saltwater and is also mined from the underground mines. Not only food but salt is used in so many ways from bathing, treating skin to melting the ice on the roads to prevent weather-related collisions.

Table salt is mined through explosions from the underground salt deposits and has a heavy cleaning process that eliminates most of the mineral content.

Himalayan salt is mined from Khewra salt mines from the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is used in cooking as well as in skin treatment. This rock salt has health claims that make it the most beneficial salt.

There are many other types of salt but let’s see what type of salt is good among the above too and why.

table salt
Himalayan Salt uses

What is healthier Himalayan salt or regular salt?

Table salt is formed by the combination of two ions, i.e., sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl). Regular table salt is the most used salt in the world but only 6% of the world’s table salt is used in food and the other 94% is used for the purpose of manufacturing, de-icing highways, water conditioning, and agriculture.

When it comes to food, table salt needs to be cleaned by chemical methods which makes it less healthy, in fact, refined table salt is the poison that makes your body feel heavy and minimizes the mineral content after chemically processed.

Can you substitute Himalayan salt for table salt?

Himalayan pink salt can be a good substitute for table salt because of the pure sodium chloride and 84 trace minerals in the salt that are required by the body. But if you have iodine deficiency, Himalayan salt is not a good choice for you and becomes a risk instead of a healthy addition to the diet as it contains less iodine than iodized salt. 

Does Himalayan salt taste like table salt?

Himalayan salt is available in small granule size just like table salt but is saltier than table salt. So, taste the food first by adding a smaller amount of pink salt than table salt to have a usual sodium intake. 

Himalayan pink salt in copper cup at loft kitchen
Himalayan Salt

Which salt is healthiest?

Himalayan sea salt is claimed to be the purest sea salt in the sea salt family as it is the least refined salt with no added preservatives and has many useful vitamins and minerals which are all necessary for the body.

Is Himalayan salt healthy?

Like the other salts, Himalayan salt is also healthy but has some unique health benefits because of the mineral content that gives it a pink color. However, a lot of amounts can cause high blood pressure and the quantity of salt we eat daily is so less to be nutritionary more beneficial than other salts.

The reason Himalayan salt is preferred is due to the processing of table salt which makes it less beneficial. It is often bleached and treated with anticaking agents and other dry cleanings that make it harmful to our bodies.