Saffron water

I drank Saffron water every morning for a month. Here is what happened!

Saffron water has the color of sunrise. Yellowish golden with an earthy smell and taste. Despite its visible appeal, it contains multiple health benefits for skin, body, and even hair.

Although saffron is an expensive spice, you need a very small amount daily to have saffron water benefits. I now realized how it changed a lot in my body and how I appeared more glowy, fresh, and happy to myself. It helps you lose weight, bring a glow to your skin, and make your stomach feel good and light.

I tried many different and popular products for weight loss and good skin including seeds, fruits, and veggies which West has practiced aggressively. They made us believe that these products are the answers to our troubles and most of us fell for them regardless of understanding our body needs.

Before the saffron experiment, I tried many other experiments with one or two ingredients and water. I have eaten salads, multigrain foods, and healthy smoothies but the result is way different than I expected. Instead, many times I felt sick and bloated.

After all these experiments, I finally got the suggestion of saffron from a friend which has now become a routine drink for me. I drink a cup of warm water with saffron every morning on an empty stomach.

Saffron has all those essential minerals that our body needs to process, especially for the body of a woman of reproductive age.

Here are the noticeable changes I start observing after drinking saffron water.

Saffron water

1. Period cramps

Saffron water decreases the intensity of period pain but increases the amount of bleeding. The heating agents in saffron can cause heavy periods so if you already get heavy periods, try to skip it during those days.

Woman with hot water bottle healing stomach pain
skin glow

2. Skin glow

Saffron water is a good source to give you healthy skin regardless of your skin type. I have dry skin and it makes me look dull. I am so possessive about my skin and can do anything for my skincare so when I read on google about its benefits for skin, I cannot stop myself from trying it. It gives my skin a healthy glow and freshness to make me feel great about my skin again.

3. Healthy hair

Saffron water improved my hair quality, and I observed my healthy hair within days. Saffron helps limit the sebum in sebaceous glands located in the scalp that limit the hair fall and strengthen the roots and the hair follicles to grow more hair.

healthy hair

4. Activate neurons

Saffron restores the activity of nerve cells which gives you instant energy and makes your mornings more productive. I feel less lazy when I start drinking saffron water in the morning and I find it a good substitute for caffeine in winters.

5. Less craving for sweet foods:

I can any time suggest you drink saffron water for weight loss. When I couldn’t drink it in the morning, I preferred drinking it after dinner and it made me restrain my post-meal craving for sweet treats. Also, now I prefer more natural sweets over adding artificial sweeteners and processed foods with sugar in it.

Woman having sugar cravings

If you have saffron in your kitchen cabinet, then you are surely rich not because of the cost of it but because of the health benefits it has. It is great medicine as well as a great enhancer to your meals, drinks, and spa routines.