Turmeric Honey 400g- Flavoursome Detoxification For Antibiotic Resistance


What if we told you it was possible to boost your immune system and build antibiotic resistance all while enjoying a sweet, delicious spread? Well, with our Turmeric Honey blend that’s exactly what you can do. 

Turmeric Honey is an infusion of Sunshine Coast Turmeric & Ginger blended with Sunshine Coast Raw Honey. Featuring splashes of cinnamon and black pepper, this Turmeric Honey is packed full of natural antibiotics and detoxification properties and tastes divine. 

There are several cosmetic and food uses for Turmeric Honey: 

  • Add a teaspoon to lemon juice to make a Turmeric Honey lemon drink 
  • A delicious turmeric tea using green tea as a base 
  • Mix it into your salad dressing or glaze 
  • Spread on your toast or breakfast cereal 
  • Mix your own turmeric honey face mask for acne scarring and sensitive skin

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Turmeric and honey powerful mix health benefits:

Turmeric Honey are two superfoods that when combined harvest a lot of powerful anti-inflammatory properties that flush toxins from the bodies and help kill off different strains of bacteria. 

There are many health benefits that can be enjoyed from consuming Turmeric Honey. A commonly known one is combining honey turmeric for cough and throat bacterial infections which has been passed down through generations. Here are some other health benefits: 

  • High anti-inflammatory properties that can heal wounds, burns 
  • Provides relief from joint pain 
  • Turmeric masks are rich in antioxidants that rejuvenate your face from acne scarring and wrinkles 
  • Builds antibiotic resistance and boosts your immune system and fight bacterial infection

WARNING: This product contains Raw Honey which may cause an allergic reaction. If you have an allergic reaction to roses in the past, contact your health professional before consuming.

 If unsure, please seek professional advice.

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