Superior Persian Saffron Threads For Better Health – 250 Grams


250 grams of Saffron.

We are Committed to providing you with the finest Persian Saffron in the world, our Saffron is the best quality for the best price. As one of the most powerful spices that can be used in cooking and tea, our hand-picked Saffron will not only transform the flavors of your food but your mental health too. 

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The benefits of saffron are too many to list. Saffron threads have many health benefits and can be used both for flavor and to promote good health. 

Saffron is:

  • Exceptionally high in antioxidants 
  • Full of mood-boosting properties 
  • An excellent serotonin stimulant for the gut and brain 
  • Great for improving mental health
  • The key to naturally increasing happiness 

Not only our superior Saffron threads good for your body and soul, but they are also: 

How to use Saffron?

All you need is a pinch of Saffron in your diet to experience the incredible benefits. You can add Saffron to: 

  • Black Tea 
  • Saffron Rice Paella
  • Persian Rice
  • Home-cooked Saffron Oil 
  • General Cooking for some all-red Saffron spice flavor

The best way to extract flavor and nutrients from Saffron threads is brewing with ice. When using Saffron in a rice cooker, the best method is steaming the rice without boiling water. This way you will cook the rice without compromising the integrity of the Saffron. 

Where to Buy Saffron Threads

You may be wondering what the difference between the saffron threads you find at Coles or Woolworths are compared to ours here at YourSaffron. Not only are our saffron prices significantly better value than Woolworths or Coles saffron threads, but it is also more authentic. Our saffron stems are harvested by hand in Iran which yields the highest standard for saffron; Persian saffron is far more sought after than Spanish saffron threadsBuying saffron is more complex than just googling ‘saffron strands near me as you want to make sure you are getting the highest quality for the best price.

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