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Introducing you to your new favourite spice blend; Sumac. Sumac is a trademark Middle Eastern spice blend that is most commonly used in za’atar thanks to it’s a zesty punch of flavors and health benefits. 

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What is Sumac?

Sumac is a flower from the Middle East. When dried and ground into powder, Sumac is full of flavor and antioxidants. In order to extract the deliciously popular spice, the Sumac flower is dried, crushed and then ground into a bright red powder that can be used in countless dishes. 

Our Saffronice dried sumac brings a lemon-like acidity to recipes as well as a pop of color.

What Does Sumac Powder Taste Like?

Sumac will add a touch of lemon-like acidity to your dishes as well as a pop of color. Sumac can even be used to replace lemon or another citrus in recipes. 

We suggest adding Sumac to homemade hummus, kebabs, fattoush (a Lebanese salad), or as a rub or marinade for grilled meats, particularly lamb.

Sumac Benefits: 

Other than providing copious amounts of zesty flavour, Sumac is also packed full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals that can:

  • Help to regulate blood sugar control
  • Provide muscle relief 
  • Soothe exercise-induced pain
  • Support digestive health 
  • Prevent inflammatory illness such as heart disease and cancer
  • Boost your immune system 
  • Stop oxidative stress and free radicals 
  • Provides high levels of antioxidant supplements

How To Make Sumac Tea: 

Sumac Tea is made using Sumac Berries, not Sumac powder. Once you have acquired sumac berries, soak them in cold water overnight and then strain them using cheesecloth or a coffee filter so that you are left with pure liquid. Add lemon juice and drink away!

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