South Indian Dried Curry Leaves 10g


Curry Leaves are one of the most underrated staples of Indian cuisine. If you haven’t yet used curry leaves in your South Indian cooking expedites, prepare to experience new levels of flavour. 

Surprisingly, Curry Leaves do not actually taste like curry powder. Rather, they taste like lemon, with hints of the sweet freshness of flowers and fruits. Within seconds you’ll learn the flavourful benefit of Curry Leaves in your cooking as they transform rice, daals, yoghurt and any Indian or Sri Lankan meal you can think of. Dried Curry Leaves even go beautifully with coconut!

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The Curry Leaves benefits go beyond flavour. The surprisingly long list of health benefits of Curry Leaves makes them a true superfood not to be missed. 

The health benefits include: 

  • Curry Leaves are excellent tools in aiding weight loss. The carbazole alkaloids lower cholesterol levels in your body. 
  • Curry Leaves assist with lowering blood sugar levels which also aids in weight loss. 
  • The consumption of Curry Leaves has also been seen to promote hair growth. 
  • The side effects of the antioxidant properties of Curry Leaves relieves symptoms that come with morning sickness. 
  • Packed full of nutrients, Curry Leaves vitamins to include vitamin A, B, E and even vitamin C.   

How To: Curry Leaves Uses

The best way to prepare your Curry Leaves is by flash-frying them in hot oil before putting them in your meals. This may seem like an extra unnecessary step, but it’s the best way to bring out most of their flavour.

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