Smoke Sea Salt – Australian Red Gum Flavour


Smoke Sea Salt is used by infusing it with smoke to add the flavor of smoky salt to the meal. The smoked sea salt is prepared by the sea salt from South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula which is then smoked over the native red gum river also known as Eucalyptus Camaldulensis for 70+ hours. This process is the traditional Northern European style followed at Pialligo Estate Smokehouse, Canberra. The smoke enhanced and enriched the salt with complex characteristics, taste, and aroma of red gumwood of Australia.

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What is smoked sea salt used for?

Smoked sea salt is used alone as well as we can combine it with various other spices. Rub it on your salmon or a piece of meat before roasting or grilling or sprinkle it onto a salad. 

You can make a homemade toffee fudge or hot buttered popcorn and sprinkle the ground sea salt to have an oh-so-yum evening snack. 

Add it to the freshly cut tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet juicy melons, or baked potatoes! 

The smoked sea salt is used in different kinds of pasta as well to enhance its cheesy and saucy flavor. 

It is also used in your morning breakfasts to make scrambled eggs and avocados your all-time favorite breakfast.

What does smoked salt go with?

Smoked sea salt has a bold taste, their flame-grilled aroma and complexity of flavor make them go with so many dishes specially grilled vegetables, grilled meat, snacks, garnishes, and sauces, even with cocktails. Smoke sea salt is a wonderful addition that you can sprinkle on any scrumptious dish to make it more tempting.


Store it in a cool and dry place in an air-tight packaging so that no clumps are formed.

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