Sea Salt Flakes 250gm


Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes are beautifully soft and delicate salt flakes that are harvested straight out of the pure waters of the Great Australian Bight.   

What is Flaked Sea Salt?

Flaked Sea Salt is salt taken straight from seawater and onto your table. It is entirely natural, hand-harvested and preservative-free. Absolutely no chemical processes go into harvesting this salt making it full of wonderful health benefits with no hidden nasties. 

So not only does this salt taste delicious, but sea salt harvesting is completely ethical too! 

The salt flakes come packaged in a stoneware jar with an accompanying spoon and are also available in 100gram standard packaging or 250 Gram refill box.

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What Can You Use Salt Flakes For?

Exquisitely original with the bonus taste of the ocean, Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes can be used on any dish as a seasoning or garnish. 

From salting your veggies to garnishing your meals, sea salt and table salt are completely incomparable in flavor and in health benefits. Sea salt benefits outweigh those of typical table salt because of the amount of sodium, essential nutrients and lack of chemical intervention that Sea Salt Flakes have had!

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