Saffron Tea (100g)


What is Saffron Tea?

A high-quality black tea infused with premium Saffron, our Saffron Tea is the perfect aromatic blend of tea leaves. This particular tea is a unique combination of Persian black tea and premium Persian Saffron. The tea has been expertly measured using nanotechnology to ensure equal parts Saffron per gram of black tea to achieve full-bodied flavor with every sip.  

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Our Saffron Tea is a good quality black tea that is free of chemicals and has been grown in the traditional Persian way.  


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Our Saffron Tea is a refreshing tea blended with black tea and premium Saffron that is full of antidepressants. 

Saffron herbal tea strands:

How To Use Saffron in Tea:  

Making Saffron tea is easy. You can drink Saffron tea bags or loose leaf tea in many different ways. Whether you want Saffron in your afternoon tea or to drink it once you wake up, you will soon want to bulk buy saffron tea bags to enjoy them every single day.  

To enjoy Saffron Tea, simply boil water and soak the tea leaves. If you want a touch of sweetness, just add honey! Some other great ways to enjoy Saffron Tea are the Kashmiri Saffron tea recipe which uses cinnamon and almonds or as a Cream Tea with mint leaves and honey. 


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