Saffron Syrup 440ML- Deliciously Sweet Saffron Cocktail that is Full of Health Benefits


Saffron Syrup is an ancient Persian secret that we are delighted to bring into your life. Made up of high doses of Saffron extract, our Saffron Syrup is a cocktail of sweet Saffron plucked from Persian crocus sativus, raw Queensland Honey, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Whole Mint. This simple syrup recipe has been adored across generations because of its sweet taste, medicinal properties and gut-loving bacteria. 

The Saffron Syrup uses are plenty! One of our favorite ways to use this Saffron supplement is as a simple drink with lime juice, in Saffron cocktails or as an addition to your favorite tea instead of honey. For this low price, buying Saffron syrup online will give you all the positive effects of Saffron without the cold brewing hassle. 

Tip: If you find this Saffron syrup too sweet, leave the bottle out of the fridge for a day or two so that it can ferment a little bit more!

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Saffron syrup benefits:

Drinking Saffron Syrup comes at a price… and that price is multiple health benefits! This drink is alive and super healthy and is full of good bacteria that is actively working to consume sugar.  

The health benefits include:

– High antioxidant properties that protect your from cancer and other diseases 

– High alkaline for anti-aging powers

– Lots of natural probiotics which help with sore tummies and acidic guts 

– An injection of good bacteria into your stomach aiding indigestion 

– Lots of mg of Saffron for a small saffron syrup price!

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