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If you’re on a mission to find high-quality organic Saffron products then it’s time to get excited. Our Organic Saffron Shea Butter Soap is full of natural ingredients derived from Persian saffron and African shea trees. A Saffron lovers buttery dream! 

The blend of unrefined shea butter and Saffron is inspired by the luxurious ingredients of a Persian queen’s bath. This organic soap is your ticket to gorgeously nourished skin. It is made with the finest all natural ingredients that are designed to royally upgrade your skin care routine.

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Saffron soap ingredients:

Our Organic Saffron Shea Butter Soap is, as the name suggests, made up of organic Persian Saffron and African Shea Butter! But that’s not all. Using the finest ingredients on Earth, our Saffron Soap is also mixed with rich almond and olive oils, rice bran oil, castor oil and a touch of tropical coconut oil. Trust us when we say, this velvety smooth buttery soap is nothing like anything you’ve used before. 

Able to rejuvenate the skin and hair, our Saffron soap is made to nourish your face, body and hair. The delicate blend of body butters, oils and Saffron gives you an entire spa experience just from this single bar of soap. 

Saffron soap benefits:

The Organic Saffron Shea Butter Soap has many skin, health and beauty benefits. It decreases the appearance of pigmentation, marks and blemishes, hydrates the skin and cleanses away pore deep impurities without sacrificing the integrity of your skin cells. 

Whether you use Saffron soap for your face or your entire body the benefits include: 

  • Antioxidant properties reduce stress and aging
  • Powerful deep-skin moisturizer
  • Reduces skin inflammation acting as a natural acne treatment
  • Fades away pigmentation marks granting you a fairer, flawless complexion
  • Full of Vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids 
  • Calms itchy, irritated or dry skin




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