Saffron Ghee From Buffalo Milk


Saffron Ghee Made From Buffalo Milk Full of Benefits For Your Skin and Bones.

Our Saffron Ghee from Buffalo Milk is nutty and sweet in flavor and pairs beautifully with everyday foods, hot drinks, and even smoothies! Whenever you need to use butter, our Saffron Ghee butter does the job and more. As with all of our products, not only is our Ghee delicious in flavor but it is also full of health benefits for your skin, bones, and mental health. To put it simply- Saffron Ghee has some incredible healing properties. 

Our Ghee is made from Black Buffalos that graze freely in the mountains of Manley, Queensland Australia. It is then paired with the highest quality of Persian Saffron from the deserts of easter Iran.

From flavor to Ghee healing properties, our Saffron Ghee fulfills all the heart’s desires. 

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Saffron ghee benefits for skin

There are several health benefits of eating Saffron Ghee. 

  • Ghee is jam-packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, Vitamin K2, A & E, and loads of minerals.
  • Ghee is a digestive aid that assists with the absorption of foods like saturated fat while boosting your immune system and intestinal walls.
  • Ghee is full of fat-soluble vitamins which help fight heart diseases
  • Helps with constipation and blocked noses
  • The Saffron infusion makes our Ghee a natural serotonin booster too.

But that’s just the beginning. You can use Ghee for skincare too.

Apply it as a face mask to: 

  • Use a natural moisturizer
  • Cure dry skin 
  • Fix dark circles under the eye 
  • Relieve itchy spots

Saffron ghee benefits for bones

And there’s more! Ghee’s benefits go far beyond the effects of using it as a face pack. Ghee has the capacity to nourish all of your body’s tissues, muscles, fat, and bones!

Because Ghee is so rich in Vitamin K2 it helps your body to absorb calcium which leads to much stronger bones and blocked free arteries. 

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