Premium Saffron (100 Grams)


Saffron is often hyped as the ‘priciest spice in the world’ and while we believe this is a little overstated, there is good reason for the price tag! Saffron is one of the best valued, most powerful spices around! Our hand-picked Saffron is of the highest quality and if used correctly, provides medicinal mood boosting power. 

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How to Use Saffron?

Unlike herbal teas that brew with boiling water, the best way to brew saffron tea is by using a cold brewing technique. Our Premium Saffron brews within minutes using cool or warm water without sacrificing any of the spice’s healing power. 

There are many other Saffron recipes that you can make when your red threads of saffron are of the highest grade. 

How to use Saffron Oil in cooking?

Saffron Oil is an excellent way to get high value out of your Saffron. Saffron needs moisture to release its power so by making Saffron oil you will gain easy access to all of the spice’s benefits.

How much saffron powder to use in rice?

Saffron rice dish due to its naturally potent flavour, Saffron rice can be made by simply adding three red threads of saffron per person. 

This is one of our favourite saffron rice recipes and it is very easy to make. Here’s how: 

  1.  First, make crushed saffron threads into powder by crushing them.
  2.  Add boiling water to the powdered saffron flakes and let it soak for 5 minutes.
  3.  Cook your rice using your preferred method. 
  4.  Once cooked, pour your saffron over the rice. 
  5. Add chicken or vegetable stock and lower the heat so you don’t bring it to a boil. 
  6. Serve once the liquid is all soaked up and enjoy your Saffron rice dish!


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