Persian Saffron Liquid Concentrate (Cold Brew) — The Quickest Way To Add Saffron Into Your Day.


Cold brewed for your convenience, our Persian Saffron Liquid is pure liquid saffron in a bottle. Made to order, each bottle of Saffron Liquid Concentrate is cold brewed specifically for your order to ensure maximum freshness and potency. Cold Brew Saffron petals extract works best when it is fresh which is why we only brew it when you order. 

As always, our Saffron is super concentrated and only made using the purest of ingredients. In your 30ml Saffron Liquid Concentrate there is nothing but Saffron, alcohol-free liquid, non-chlorinated filtered water—no chemical additives or preservatives allowed.

Our 30ml bottles are designed for individual daily use, each holding one month’s supply of Saffron.

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The side effects for introducing Saffron in your daily routine are strictly positive. Not only does the Saffron spice have antidepressant properties studies show that Saffron lowers blood pressure too! 

  • Lowered Blood Pressure 
  • Lowered Resting Heart Rate 
  • Lowered Oxidative Stress
  • Improved Mood 
  • Increase in Serotonin 
  • Natural Antidepressant 

How to use:

Purchasing our cold brew Saffron Liquid Concentrate is the easiest and fastest way to incorporate saffron threads in your daily routine. Our Saffron Liquid Concentrate is easy to use, comes in a handy dropper bottle which makes measuring easy giving you precise measurements for when you’re cooking or using Saffron as a daily supplement.  

Health officials recommend 20 drops of Saffron per day. For best results keep your  cold brew Saffron refrigerated and use within 40 days of purchase.  

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