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Introducing our balsamic vinegar made from dates having a strong aromatic taste with the sweetness of a popular and healthiest fruit of nature, date. We use the natural flavorings of date along with balsamic to add the soft and smooth velvety texture and rich, complex sweetness that explodes in the mouth. Balsamic date vinegar is not strong but has a mellow tartness.

The mixture of blended grapes with balsamic vinegar is made to the level of caramelized thickness. The strong acidic taste is tempered down by adding the date nectar in the blend.

Besides other vinegar, this comes with a lot of health benefits. Some of them are:

  •         Helps in digestion
  •         Promotes weight loss
  •         Regulate blood sugar level & cholesterol
  •         Helps in muscle growth
  •         Prevent heart disease

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What is date balsamic vinegar?

Date balsamic vinegar is a little sweet vinegar made from grapes combined with date nectar. There is a special percentage of black and green grapes and date nectar in which black grapes are added with the highest percentage.

Uses of Balsamic vinegar:

Drizzle a splash to your smoothies or add it in your cheesy snack starter, add in your rocket salad or flavor your freshly baked bread with it. Your ice creams will become tastier and velvety with the addition of balsamic date vinegar.

Not only for dressing your salads and smoothies but you can also use it in your cooked meals too. This tangy and sweet taste can fit with fried chicken or fish to the beef steaks or baked items, you even can add it on your mash potatoes or grilled vegetables to make them delicious.

In short balsamic date vinegar is acceptable for all kinds of dishes from sweet to savory making them yummier for the kids who are choosy in their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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