Macrobiotic Raw Sea Salt 250gm


Ethically sourced from North Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, Olsson’s Macrobiotic Sea Salt is an all-natural calcium, sodium and potassium supplement with no additives and no chemicals – just raw macrobiotic sea salt.

A rich source of Macrobiotics & Electrolytes, this macrobiotic salt has high amounts of calcium to help improve heart, brain muscle and bone health.

Containing absolutely nothing other than 250 grams of pure sea salt from the ocean surrounding the Whitsunday Islands, Olsson’s Raw Macrobiotic Sea Salt has had a minimal intervention by humans or machinery. 


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Olsson’s Macrobiotic Sea Salt benefits include: 

  • Nourishes and strengthens the body through its 84 trace minerals
  • Potassium and sodium team up to eliminate bloating and water retention 
  • Eases muscle cramps through high natural sodium levels 
  • Helps you absorb calcium 

Formed by the sun and found in seawater- with no damage caused to individual reefs, it’s hard to pass up on such an unprocessed, calming product.

This stunning pink-grey salt doubles from a cooking star to a bathtub soak. Sprinkle a healthy dose of the macrobiotic sea salt in your tub to naturally ease muscle aches and pains. 

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