Italian Herbs 50gr


The ultimate blend of Italian flavours is here! Our Italian Herb mix is perfect for pizza, pasta sauces, homemade italian herb dressing or any dish you desire. This blend of herbs is packed full of flavour. 

Made from a unique blend of dried herbs and spices our Italian Herb Mix is reminiscent of homemade Italian seasoning from your grandparent’s village. This custom spice blend includes dried garlic, tomato, basil, oregano, parsley, onion, red bell pepper and black pepper- taste Italy in one sprinkle!

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How do you use Italian seasoning?

Our Italian seasoning blends have taken all of the hassle out of making flavour-full foods. 


To liven up any pasta, sprinkle some Italian herb seasoning in any red-based or white wine sauce for instant flavour. For an extra punch, add red pepper flakes and garnish with fresh herbs.


Forget the garlic powder! It’s time to upgrade with this spices mix. Simple sprinkle some in  your sauce or use for garnish once cooked. 

Salad Dressing: 

Our go-to salad dressing is made by mixing Italian herb seasoning, olive oil and balsamic or wine vinegar. Seriously, it really is that simple to experience full bodied flavours!

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