Gaz (Assorted Persian Nougat)


Popular all over Iran amongst the young and old, Gaz, also known as Persian Nougat, is a gluten-free, low sugar nougat confectionery that is absolutely delicious. 

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The Origins of Gaz

Dating back 450 years, these healthy nougat candy bars, Gaz, were made by Isfahan artisan confectioneries by combining the sap found on the Tamarisk tree with flour, a roasted variety of nuts and egg whites in their workshops. 

Flash forward to today and Gaz is made in a variety of ways including dried fruit and sometimes even sugar syrup. Our Gaz comes in four varieties; Saffron, Almond, Pistachio and an Almond- Pistachio mix. These treats are all keto nougat and are wrapped in individual bite-size portions for maximum freshness. 

Our assorted pack contains 12 individually wrapped Nougats:

  • 3 x Saffron & Pistachio Gaz
  • 3 x Pistachio Gaz
  • 3 x Almond Gaz
  • 3 x Almond & Pistachio mix Gaz


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