Cinnamon Tea- Soothing and Delicious Persian Flavours 100g


Bask in the flavors of Persia within seconds with this incredibly delicious infusion of Cinnamon and loose leaf Persian black tea. 

Cinnamon Tea can be used to achieve the ultimate relaxation without any worries about harmful additives or preservatives. Our black tea comes from Iran and is free from pesticides, herbicides and toxins. Our cinnamon is free from preservatives, added colours and additives.

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Benefits of cinnamon tea: 

Cinnamon Tea is soothing, delicious and excellent for sharing with a friend or loved one. Other than tasting great, Cinnamon Tea has a bunch of health benefits too! 

  • Cinnamon Tea can improve your blood sugar levels 
  • The high antioxidant properties of our teas help control free radicals 
  • This tea combination is known to boost your immune system 
  • Cinnamon has lots of extraordinary enzymes which can support your heart

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