Chinese Five-Spice Blend- Authentic Flavours of China


Experience the authentic flavours of China in an instant with our delicious Chinese five-spice powder. Made from a blend of black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise and cassia this delicious five-spice blend transforms your food into a flavoursome delight with a single sprinkle.

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How to cook with Chinese five spice 


There is no substitute for this amazing Chinese five-spice blend. This highly versatile spice blend can be used to flavor most meat dishes and is most popular on pork, chicken, duck and traditional stir fry dishes. 


To marinade your food with the Chinese five-spice blend simply mix it into a little bit of oil and lemon or yogurt and massage (or soak) it into your meat before cooking. Alternatively, this warming mix of spices is perfect for winter dishes and is surprisingly delicious in hot chocolates, or Christmas cookies as a substitute for cinnamon or clove. 


Storage Keep your Chinese five-spice blend in a cool, dry place. 

Size: 50gr

100% Natural

Made in Australia from Local & Imported ingredients

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