Brass Mortar And Pestle (Saffron crusher)


Our Brass Mortar & Pestle is designed specifically for making ground saffron powder. No matter how small the pinch of saffron you will be able to crush the threads with ease! 

Pair your Brass Mortar & Pestle with our One Gram Limited Edition Saffron for the perfect gift to a friend, family member, or even yourself! You can purchase them separately or together as a combination.

The size of our Mortar & pestle is 4 x 5 centimeters & the one-gram container is 3 centimetres in diameter and a little over 1 cm in height, they are made from a single piece of brass metal.

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Ways To Use Your Brass Mortar & Pestle

Make Saffron Liquid

The first step to making Saffron Liquid is to crush the saffron threads into dust. Grab a pinch of saffron and pop it into your mortar and pestle to crush the threads to extract its high-quality flavor and color. Next, add the saffron to mildly hot water and you’re on your way! This also works for saffron tea. 

For a more detailed explanation on how to make saffron liquid head here

Crumble Saffron Threads

Crumbling saffron threads into powder is the first step of any delicious saffron meal. All you need to do is put your saffron into your Brass Mortar & Pestle and move your hand in a circular motion at a constant speed and you’ll have saffron powder within seconds. 

If you’re wondering how to keep saffron fresh for longer, you can find out here


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