Body Cleanse Organic Detox Tea


Our detox tea is the best morning body cleanser that you can take for breakfast and a nighttime relaxer you can enjoy after dinner. It helps flush out toxins, lose weight, build strong gut health and immune system, alleviate, treat, cure or prevent any disease of the digestive system. This super detox tea blend is prepared with only organic local and imported ingredients to consume the amazing health benefits.

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How Does it Work?

Most of the food or the ingredients in the food we eat today are being prepared with added chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, flavors, and aromas. These harmful toxins create adverse effects on your health. The detox tea of yoursaffron is not intended to just provide you a flavorful drink but it can help you remove all these nasties before they start destroying your health.

How long does it take to detox tea to work?

Usually, it takes 8 to 12 hours after drinking for detox tea to work. It accelerates the fat-burning process which results in healthy weight loss and reduces bloating. A 28 Day detox can help you lose weight and belly fat and activate your digestive system.


  • Fennel seeds
  • Calendula petals
  • Lemongrass
  • Licorice root
  • Nettle
  • Red rose petals
  • Juniper berries


Our detox tea is available in biodegradable tea bags that are safe and convenient to use. Steep a tea bag in hot water for about 4 – 6 minutes and enjoy. You can store them on your shelf for up to 4 – 6 months.

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