500 G of Saffron Infused Honey- Your New Secret to Glowing Skin and Improved Health.



Your sweet tooth dreams are about to come true. Introducing our hand-crafted Saffron Infused Honey. We’ve mixed Persian Saffron with all-natural raw Australian honey to bring you a heavenly treat that is both healthy and convenient. 

Whether you want to use our raw Saffron honey or as a saffron and honey face mask, the health benefits of saffron and honey for the skin, mind and soul are endless.

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What is saffron Honey?

We’ve married premium Persian Saffron with Australian honey to give you the perfectly blended Saffron Honey. There’s no need to play around with measurements or Saffron Powder- this single product is all the Saffron supplements you need. 

The process to make this honey takes 12 full weeks. We cold-infuse our honey with Saffron at the same controlled temperature the entire 12 week period! The right temperature is integral to the process as it ensures the Saffron extract remains uncompromised and potent. Plus- the saffron honey price is incredibly high value!

The Saffron that we use for our Saffron Honey is Persian Sargol Saffron- the purest, most potent Saffron in the world! It is organically farmed and the crocus sativus is hand-processed using traditional methods. We then infuse these strands of saffron with Australian raw honey from the Sunshine Coast which is extremely high quality, even considered the highest on the planet! 

Saffron Honey Benefits:

Our Saffron Honey (or Kesar Honey) can be used in many different ways. The medicinal properties of Saffron are boosted by those of honey. You can use this Saffron on your face as a Saffron face mask and in your meals.  

A Saffron and Honey face mask is suitable for all skin types and can: 

  • Has skin lightening properties 
  • Can fix your skin complexion 
  • Remove dark marks and acne scars 

Simply apply the mixture and reap the benefits! 

Saffron also has a multitude of anti-inflammatory properties. Ingesting Saffron Honey can: 

  • Help with weight loss
  • Boost your mood and serotonin production 
  • Give you the antioxidants, vitamins and natural hormones your body needs to be healthy.
  • Improve your gut health 
  • Aid in blood circulation 
  • Be a natural remedy for coughs and sore throats
  • Act as a natural aphrodisiac 


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