5 Grams of Premium Saffron For First Time Buyers


Our 5 Grams of hand picked Premium Quality Saffron is the perfect choice for people trying saffron for the first time.

what to do with saffron threads?

Introducing a pinch of Saffron threads into your daily diet will transform your health and happiness. Saffron is a relatively expensive spice, so you want to make sure you’re spending your money on only the highest quality. When you buy Saffron threads they should always be a deep red colour. When cooked in saffron rice, olive oil or saffron tea the powdered saffron can turn a golden color.

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How do I use saffron?

The drying of Saffron threads has already been done before purchase which makes cooking with Saffron generally very easy.  As this product does not include the saffron crocus sativus, there is no need for boiling hot water when cooking. 

All you need are 10 to 20 deep red threads and you can easily use Saffron for:  

  • Black Tea 
  • Saffron Rice Paella
  • White wine and Saffron Sauce
  • Persian Rice
  • Home-cooked Saffron Oil 
  • General Cooking for some all-red Saffron spice flavour

How long can you keep saffron threads?

When stored correctly, dry, crushed or pure saffron strands can last up to 6 months. Store your Saffron in an airtight container in a cool dark place and you will retain maximum flavour. Saffron will not go off but it will lose potency with age. If you’re worried about the longevity of your saffron, reach out to our customer service team for advice. 

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