200 g Date Seed Coffee- A Coffee Substitute Full of Health Benefits


Coffee lovers, it’s time to upgrade your favorite morning drink with the soothing, healthy, and energizing coffee from date seeds. Our Date Seed Coffee is one of the most unique products in the world. 

Grown and harvested in Iran, our date palm trees grow naturally without any need for chemicals or pesticides. This unique and delicious coffee substitute is made using roasted date seeds from freshly picked date fruits and turning those seeds into powder. With this stunning date stone powder, you can get all of your favorite parts of your coffee- no chemicals, just nature’s best!

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Date seed coffee health benefits:

Need a reason to buy Date Seed Coffee? While you may already know the benefits of dates in your diet, how about we give you three more reasons why you should make the switch to this coffee substitute.  

  1. Date coffee is entirely caffeine-free so you can say goodbye to the jitters. The Date Seed coffee alternative gives you natural, revitalizing energy that makes you feel ready for the day. 
  2. Much like dates, these date coffee beans are full of antioxidants and protein, and even iron. With this coffee, you can harvest the date seeds power and fight free radical stress with every cup.  
  3. Date Seed Coffee tastes like coffee, with a healthier effect! Dates are functional food that are tasty and will aid with digestion and constipation naturally.  
  4. Date seed oils are jam-packed with minerals & vitamins and fatty acids which is what makes this coffee so sought after and powerful. 

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1 review for 200 g Date Seed Coffee- A Coffee Substitute Full of Health Benefits

  1. kamran khajehpour (verified owner)

    The date seed powder (Coffee) is an excellent and surprising alternative for coffee. The first thing to be surprised is that it smells like coffee but then you will be even more surprised when you see the results. I use it is a espresso machine and it turns out great and very likable.

    kamran khajehpour
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