2 Grams of Pure Saffron Powder- Convenient, Authentic and Harvested By Hand


Introducing 2 Grams of Pure, Powdered Saffron.  

Ideal for lovers of Saffron who are on the run, our 2g of Saffron in Red Gold Powder means that you can add Saffron into your diet without the hassle of cold brewing your Saffron threads first. You’ll never miss your dose of daily Saffron again! 

This ready-to-use Red Gold Saffron Powder comes in it’s own reusable protective container that allows you to fuse Saffron into your food or drinks anytime and anywhere. As always, our Saffron is hand-processed using a unique cold-powdering system and is not mass-produced. Saffron is the most incredible spice in the world so we make sure to treat it with the utmost care and consideration. 

The positive effects of Saffron remain just as strong whether it be processed as powdered or in it’s original threads. Extensive clinical trials and researchers suggest that the list of Saffron powder benefits include: 

  • Improve symptoms of mild to moderate depression and even major depressive disorder 
  • Curbing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms 
  • Improved gut health 
  • Antioxidative stress release 
  • Boost sex drive
  • Improve symptoms of anxiety disorder
  • Aids muscle recovery post-exercise  
  • Great flavour for your food! 

Each airtight container holds 2 grams of Saffron. 

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How to use saffron powder?

Just like Saffron supplements, this Red Gold Saffron Powder is designed to be easy to use. All you need is a pinch of Saffron Powder and you can transform any meal or drink into a powerful meal full of health benefits. 

Some ways that you can use Saffron Powder include sprinkling a pinch into your meal or drink when traveling, adding some into your protein smoothie for an extra post-workout boost, and adding Saffron into your drinking water or iced tea when you’re sitting at the park or at the beach. 

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