2 Grams of Premium Saffron- The Most Valuable Spice in the World


New to Saffron? Our 2 gram Premium Saffron Thread packet is the best way to dip your toes into the world of golden Saffron. Whether you plan to cook with Saffron for it’s flavor or want to see if it’s medicinal powers are as good as they say- you’re in for a treat. 

If you’re looking for premium Saffron in Australia look no further than our high quality Persian Saffron. Herbalists and physicians around the world love Persian Saffron because of the countless health benefits it yields. Premium quality Saffron promotes good physical health, has natural anti-inflammatory properties and boosts your serotonin- just to name a few benefits!

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Why is saffron the most expensive spice in the world?

It is natural to question the high price of Saffron. After all, a pound of Saffron is more expensive than a pound of gold! There are a number of reasons as to why Saffron comes with a high price tag. The first is that in order to harvest saffron threads a special set of skills and traditional knowledge is required. Saffron is hidden within the stigmas of the crocus sativus flower. To remove the Saffron stigmas requires handpicking and a lengthy drying process. 

The second reason the saffron strand’s price is expensive is that a little goes a long, long way. Similar to vanilla beans, most recipes only require a pinch of Saffron. This makes each serve priced at around 20c per serving which isn’t expensive at all. 

The third reason is that Saffron is truly magical! Prepare to see your health take a very positive turn once you introduce Saffron into your diet.

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