Peach Tea-(100 g ) No Sugar, Amazing Flavours


Peach tea is a beautiful infusion of real peach and black Persian tea. This tea is beautifully aromatic with a sweet, delightful taste.

Each box contains 100g of Peach Tea.

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What is Peach tea and what is good for?

Packaged as loose leaf tea, this blend of Peach and Black Tea will give you an aromatic tea drinking experience. Brewed tea has never been tastier- or more packed with health benefits!

The blend of Peach and Black Persian Tea is packed with antioxidants and many vitamins including A, C & E. This makes our Peach Tea: 

  • Great for rejuvenating skin 
  • Excellent tool for improving heart & gut health 
  • An effective weight loss tool
  • A good source of calcium and fluoride to boost your metabolism 

Peach tea can be drunk while pregnant and is also an excellent tea for diabetics. As Black and Peach Tea have a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants they are able to improve your metabolism while satisfying your sweet tooth with no added sugars! 

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