Preserving Saffron

Preserving Saffron: How To Keep Saffron Fresh For Longer.

Saffron threads are powerful, flavourful, and medicinally beneficial. Due to the work that goes into harvesting saffron, saffron is quite expensive. Due to its price, and of course the importance of not letting your food go to waste, it’s imperative that you know how to dry and store saffron.
How do I keep saffron fresh?

The first thing that happens as saffron starts to degrade in quality is it loses its flavor and potency. Fresh saffron has the highest medicinal power and aromatic flavor and you want this to last for as long as possible.

Our biggest tip for keeping saffron fresh is to split your saffron into small amounts across several airtight containers and use one container at a time. In order to protect your saffron, use an additional layer of aluminum foil.

Oxygen and humidity are the two greatest threats to fresh saffron. You don’t want your saffron to absorb moisture as much as you don’t want it to dry out!

How long can saffron be stored?

The shelf life of saffron is around two years, which is quite a long time. However, in order to ensure your saffron lasts this long you must keep it in a clean, airtight container and store it in a cool dry place away from sunshine.

Can I store saffron in the refrigerator?

It is highly recommended you avoid storing your saffron threads in the refrigerator. Taking your saffron in and out of the refrigerator encourages condensation which leads the threads to absorb moisture and rot.

The ideal temperature for storing saffron is around 20 degrees with humidity levels of 40% which is what most homes naturally sit at.

How do you know when saffron is expired?

The quickest way to know if your saffron has expired is to grab rub a small amount between your fingers and smell the residue. If there is still a strong smell of saffron then the spice is good to use. However, if the spice of saffron smell has completely left, it’s time to discard your saffron.

Can you freeze saffron?

Yes, you can freeze saffron for up to three years. First, wrap your saffron in aluminum foil and then place it in an airtight container. Place saffron back in the freezer immediately after use.