Natural Soap

What Is considered a Natural Soap?

The bar of soap you are using daily is a mixture of multiple products. How do you find it if it is made up of natural products? And the product you are using is as beneficial as its ingredients say? Can it provide the nourishment that your skin needs? Can it be the right soap that you are looking for?

We have three types of soap manufacturers in our soap industry who are in command. There are some more traditional ways that are still in production by the local manufacturers. Soap is moisturized by adding fats like palm oil and tallow (animal fat). 

The mildness is enabled in the soap by adding glycerin. There are many other ingredients used in the soap that make it soft, hard, or even liquid.  

How soap is made?

A chemical reaction between fats, oil, and Iye is made through which the soap is formed. This reaction is known as saponification that results in sodium salts and fatty acids released from the oil. These resultant products are natural surfactants. Glycerin is also released in this process that is then removed if a manufacturer is making hard soaps and added if the prepared soaps are mild. 

How can you tell if a soap is natural?

The natural soap contains the following characteristics:

    • It is made up of vegetable oils.
    • It is scented with essential oils only.
    • It contains no preservatives, dyes, and synthetic pigments.
    • The ingredients simply sound like plant names and other simple organic ingredients you know.

Some of the natural soaps with a lot of benefits that you can buy and even prepare at your home with natural ingredients are Aleppo soap, Charcoal soap, and Saffron soap.

What is Aleppo soap?

The traditional Aleppo soap is prepared from cold-pressed olive oil and laurel berry oil. The anti-bacterial properties present in the laurel oil and the fine quality of soap by adding this oil in higher quantities are the reasons why this ingredient is used in Aleppo soap. This soap requires 9 – 10 months to dry after production that makes it more gentle to the skin than other soaps. The Aleppo soap benefits include skin hydration, relieving the skin from psoriasis, acne, and eczema.

What is Charcoal soap?

Charcoal soap is made by activated charcoal that gained popularity in the beauty industry due to major skin benefits. Charcoal soap is used for the detoxification of the skin as it removes pollutants, bacteria, and toxins from the body. Also, it helps in treating can, anti-aging, and psoriasis.

What is Saffron soap?

Saffron soap is a regularly used soap that softens your skin and keeps the skin hydrated. It can moisturize the skin, remove the dryness from the skin and create a glowy shiny effect on the skin.

Where to buy it?

Yoursaffron is your next stop from where you can buy the naturally prepared soaps with essential oils and other natural products to give your skin a boost of freshness and to remove the dead skin, acne, and scars. 

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