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Is Saffron safe for your kids?

Saffron is widely used for cooking and other beauty remedies around the world specially in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, this spice is added to enhance the aroma, color, and taste. It is one of the most expensive spices in the world.

This spice is not only used in cooking and drinking but it has multiple medical benefits too. You can find saffron supplements in pharmacies. Also, many clinical trials are being made to test if it is good as a placebo treatment in many critical chronic health issues. 

These red strands of saffron that are being picked from the flower Crocus sativus can become dangerous for even adults if used in hefty amounts. But if the intake of saffron is equal to or lesser than the suggested amount, then it can be quite good to provide health benefits for kids as well.

You can give a single strand of saffron mixed with mother’s milk to a baby as small as 6 months. The benefits that a baby or a kid can get through saffron can be seen below but first, make sure to understand the right age at which you can start giving it to your kids.  

Can we use saffron for a 4 months old baby?


It is suggested not to give any other thing except breast milk till 6 months of baby’s life. We also suggest you avoid giving saffron until this age. As 6 months pass then you can introduce saffron with other suggested food to the baby. Make sure to start with just one strand of saffron-infused in milk. 

Can we use saffron for baby skin whitening?


Saffron can be used for skin brightening on baby skin. Add a few drops of saffron extract or just 2 – 3 strands of saffron in the milk and use this saffron milk by dipping cotton in it and tapping that cotton on the baby’s skin.

Can we use saffron for newborn baby skin?

Saffron can be risky to use on newborns as their skin is very sensitive. It can be dangerous to apply saffron in any form. We suggest that you do not use saffron on your baby’s skin before 6 months to avoid the risk of any skin disease and allergy. 

Benefits of Saffron

Saffron contains a huge list of medical benefits for kids including treatment of ADHD (Attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder) and many more. The research was being made that proves an efficient short-term therapy that can be done as it shows the same results that we get when treating ADHD with methylphenidate.

(Reference of the  research:

Some of the benefits for which saffron is being used on a regular basis are listed below.

Improves mood:

Saffron can tackle mood swings in kids and creates a sense of happiness. It removes the restlessness in babies by creating a feeling of calmness.

Improves Eyesight:

Saffron is useful in treating cataracts and improving eyesight. It increases the blood flow by the presence of crocetin and crocin, i.e., the bioactive ingredients. The regular use of saffron can help prevent retinal damage and tunicamycin. 

Treats Inflammation:

The antioxidants present in saffron prevent tissue damage and protect against free radicals while the anti-inflammatory properties reduce the redness, swelling, and pain in the body.

Gastric Tonic:

Saffron works as a stomach cleaning agent. It removes the toxins from the stomach and aids in digestion. 

Strengthens Bones:

Saffron helps in absorbing a great amount of calcium to build strong bones in babies. 

Treats Fever:

The bioactive ingredient crocin helps in lowering down the temperature and gives strength to recover from fever. 

Soothe Skin:

Saffron usage helps to treat dryness and rashes and soothe the skin. 

Helps in Respiratory System:

Saffron helps in improving respiratory function by treating asthma and bronchitis.