Saffron Usage

How to Use Saffron? Useful Tips

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world that is being used for centuries in cooking and drinking but the best use of saffron is related to the health benefits it possesses. Saffron medicinal uses with other medications might lower the blood pressure and improve mood.

Not only the most expensive among spices but saffron is more expensive than gold by weight. Still, Persian cooks use it in so many recipes from regular meals to desserts. How is it possible? Of course, by smart use, just a tiny amount of saffron threads or saffron extract makes the maximum impact in every meal.  

Let us see how we can make this expensive spice a routine in our homes.

Drinking Saffron


Saffron extract in drinking makes your drinks extra flavorful and aromatic. A cup of saffron tea daily works as a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your cells against oxidative stress. Also, a warm cup of milk can improve your mood and make you feel less depressive. There is a huge list of saffron drinks that can be made not only for enjoying the taste but also for its active components that can help you heal in so many ways.

Use Saffron in Tea

Like many other flavoured teas, saffron tea is also routinely drunk by many Persian families and all around the world. Making tea with saffron is done by simply steeping it in the water and this is the most common way of using saffron even if you are cooking a meal.

Just crumple the stamens of saffron and add two or three tablespoons of warm water or milk. After 10 – 15 minutes, the mixture will turn dark orange in colour and will be ready to use in your tea or any dish or hot drink. Brewing it in water and making matcha tea is one of our favourite ways of drinking saffron in tea.

Use Saffron in Coffee

In many parts of the world, saffron is added in coffee too to add a delightful effect in your favourite morning drink. Just a little amount of saffron threads in hot water, soak for 15 minutes then fill your mug with the best style of coffee you have made like mocha, espresso, latte, or your other favourite kinds of coffee.   

You can enjoy your simple saffron coffee, or you can add more flavours in your saffron coffee like cocoa, cinnamon, cardamom, or a slice of lemon to have varieties every other day. A delicious tip is to also add a scoop of whipped cream to your saffron coffee for extra flavour. 

Cooking with Saffron

In Persian dishes, saffron is the key ingredient used with other ingredients to add a yellowish golden and orange colour (depending on the amount and the texture of the dish you are making), flavour, and aroma.

we have a wide range of recipes that you can check

Main Dishes with Saffron

The usage of saffron is limited to some strands either crushed or powdered or directly soaked into the warm water. The strands are sprinkled in the pot and cooked with the gravy or added in the end in a liquid form when simply boiling or cooking with any kind of rice, salmon, chicken either fried, grilled, or baked, and more to make it a festive meal.

Saffron uses are not limited to the above dishes. You can make a baked salmon or fried chicken without saffron but add the saffron in the side dish like risotto or rice.

Using saffron with rice is so common and can be made in many ways. The most simple and delicious way to make basmati rice with saffron is to sauté the rice with butter and simmer them with saffron-infused water in a rice cooker.

Desserts with Saffron

You will find a lot of dessert recipes using saffron on the internet, let’s start trying some if you have not already. We bet you will love eating them and the aromatic flavour will improve your taste buds from eating the regular desserts.

Saffron Medicinal Uses

Saffron has plenty of medicinal uses with other medications that are mentioned in so many articles you see on health websites. While it may heal your problems, it also has some side effects. Always start with the minimum amount and then increase over time if it is good for you.

The positive effects of saffron on health may include treating mild to moderate Alzheimer, the antioxidants in saffron may fight with cancer by reducing cancer cells, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can also be treated by saffron as some studies suggest, and the list goes on with many more benefits related to hair, skin, and appetite.

Let us dig deeper into some of the saffron medicinal benefits (read about the medical breakdown).

Skin & Hair

Saffron supplements are used in many skin and hair care products. You can simply create your own home remedies with saffron that will help brighten your skin and make your hair smooth and shiny.

Mixing a few strands in 2 – 3 tablespoons of milk and washing your face with it is the one easiest remedy for a radiant, smooth, and naturally fair skin.

For preventing hair loss, here is a little remedy for saffron to follow.

Soak a few strands of saffron in milk and add the licorice in the mixture, mix well, apply on your scalp, leave for 15 minutes, and rinse. Repeat this twice a week and within a few weeks, you will feel your hair maintaining growth without falling.


The medicinal properties these little strands of Crocus sativus have are allowing it to have during pregnancy. Mood swings are so common in pregnancy and saffron may be a little healing agent in this regard. Besides, it also helps to relieve aches & pains, stress, and discomforts of pregnancy. However, taking saffron in large amounts in the early months can trigger contractions that can cause premature delivery. A warm glass of milk with 1 or 2 threads of saffron daily is good for having a healthy womb.

Weight Loss

Many people strive for weight loss but, in many cases, it is difficult. Some researchers suggested adding saffron supplements into your fitness routine as it helps reduce appetite. In some studies, after taking saffron a woman felt fuller and more minimized the snacking habit that eventually helped her in losing more weight than days before using saffron. Another theory in weight loss due to saffron found that saffron elevates your mood and lessens the desire of snacking which helps in reducing weight.