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How to Tell if Your Himalayan Salt and Lamp are Fake? - YourSaffron

Himalayan salt is a rock salt mined from a huge salt range of Khewra in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Khewra salt has a pinkish tint because of the trace minerals it contains.

Like sea salt and regular table salt, pink salt is used for cooking and skin treatments, but the pink salt is also loved in the form of beautiful looking salt lamps. These lamps are bought and used not only for decoration but there is a belief that authentic Himalayan salt lamps purifies the air in the surroundings and these beautifully carved salt lamps are claimed to be the source of multiple health benefits.

himalian salt lamp
himalian salt lamp

How to tell if Salt Lamp is Real or Fake?

The very first thing you can do is simply lick the salt lamp. You will find out in a minute that your salt lamp is real or fake.

Fake salt lamps do not taste like salt. But wait, this is not a good choice at all. So, let’s move on to the next steps that can tell you whether the rock you have of pink salt is real or fake.

  • If it is real, then you will see the salt melting and stick to the base every now and then. This happens because the moisture content in the air reacts with the salt lamp as it ionizes, and the salt is released down to the base. It also happens with the temperature change of your room, especially during the summer.
  • Rub the salt lamp, if you see the top layer falling off to the ground then that salt lamp is real.

  • Real Himalayan salt lamps usually do not come with a led bulb. If you see there is the led bulb used in the lamp, chances are that you bought a fake lamp. Salt lamps require incandescent bulbs as they provide the required heat to properly ionize.
  • Put your salt lamp in a cardboard box and put it in the garage. If the salt lamp is real, after a month your box will look like it has been dipped in the water. It will be completely saturated with salt.

How to Spot Fake Himalayan Salt?

  • No salt grains fall off to the ground if the salt lamp is fake.
  • The Himalayan salt fake lamp is lighter in weight as compared to the real one.
  • Fake salt lamps are more resistant to damage and the probability of them breaking down is less when they fall off.
  • The fake Himalayan salt lamp doesn’t sweat.
  • The Himalayan salt fake lamps are cheaper in price.
Himalayan salt
Himalayan Salt uses

How can you tell if Pink Salt is Real?

There are many ways through which you can answer the question: how can you tell if Himalayan salt is pure?

  • There should be little sediment left when the real Himalayan salt has dissolved in water.
  • Because of the higher natural mineral content and water, if you place the salt on the floor or in a damp area, the real Himalayan salt will melt more easily.

  • Fake salt is mostly single-colored with no shades as Himalayan salt has because of the number of minerals and trace elements it possesses.

Himalayan salt fake lamps are mostly made of white crystal and not even white salt.

Do a quick moist test by wiping your salt lamp with a damp cloth. If the salt lamp is real, you should see small pink grains residue on the cloth. 

Real pink lamps cost between $40 – 60 depending on the handling and packaging.

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