Saffron Supplement

How To Take A Saffron Supplement

Traditionally used in foods and teas due to its aromatic flavour, saffron is the world’s most expensive and sought after spice. But that’s not just because of its incredible meal transforming taste! Saffron has proven that it has medical properties that are unmatched in the natural or chemical world with recent research collated by Kamal Patel for finding that saffron has immense antidepressant properties. 

Saffron naturally has serotonin boosting properties which are experienced through dried saffron stigmas and also saffron extract. There are many benefits to eating saffron which include lowering blood pressure, curbing erectile dysfunction, providing anti-inflammatory support to your immune system and as this article will explore, the treatment of mild to moderate depression. 

The consumption of saffron threads in food doses is powerful as it is. So, when consuming saffron in monitored high doses the potential effects of saffron are endless. In some rare cases saffron has even been known to shrink cancer cells! 

The benefits of saffron extract for weight loss are also widely renowned and celebrated. The right saffron extract dosage for weight loss can see a decrease in appetite. However, more research is required to measure the extent of the effect of saffron and appetite. 

According to Kamal Patel’s research, there is evidence that using saffron in food can provide similar effects as supplements or golden saffron extract. However, our Saffron Supplements at YourSaffron contain a mix of golden saffron extract and additional vitamins that upon medical advice can have positive side effects on depression and PMS amongst other health requirements. 

How to Take Pure Saffron Extract 

While there are several saffron supplement benefits it is important to note that saffron has a low margin of safety and should not be taken excessively unless under strict medical advice. The medicinal properties of saffron are very real and effective and doses above 1200 can cause allergic reactions, nausea and vomiting. 

The standard daily dose of saffron is 30mg which can be used every day for up to eight weeks. YourSaffron Supplement Saffron Capsules are dosed correctly for the safe ingestion of saffron. If you wish to take saffron supplements without taking saffron pills, you can do so safely by following the recipe for saffron specific meals

When to take Saffron Supplement

To experience the full health benefits of saffron supplements you should take one saffron capsule per day for 8 weeks. Alternatively, if under medical advice for chronic supplementation you can take 15mg saffron capsules twice per day. 

Alternatively, for a less intensive supplementation program, saffron can be taken as a supplement for the treatment of depressive symptoms, PMS, and lowered sex drove through food dosages. You can explore some creative and delicious saffron recipes and find the one that best suits your lifestyle and taste.

For a full chart of aliments, dosages and health benefits of using saffron have a supplement head to for their Saffron Human Effect Matrix. 

For Depression we recommend taking 30mg of saffron daily. Whether you want to use dry saffron threads or saffron capsules is up to you as long as you do not exceed this dosage. Both specific anti-depressant saffron supplements and saffron threads are proven to be effective for reducing major depression and anxiety symptoms. 

Where to Buy Saffron Supplements

Saffron can be supplemented by using dry saffron threads and cold brewing them with water to create golden saffron extract or it can be supplemented by purchasing saffron capsules.

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