How to prepare Saffron? 2021 tips

How to prepare Saffron? 2021 Tips

Preparing saffron for use is a lot easier than you may think. As saffron is such an expensive, precious spice, you want to ensure that you are preparing it properly before you use it in your cooking so that you don’t miss out and waste the aromatic flavours and health benefits it has to offer.

The most important step for preparing saffron for cooking and drinks is to cold-brew it first. By cold brewing your saffron, you ensure that the flavour is properly extracted from the saffron threads before you cook.

You can not just place saffron threads in or on top of your meal and hope for the best. If you do this, you will waste your spice!

How to Prepare Saffron for Cooking:


Get as many saffron threads as the recipe (see our weekly updates) requires and place them in a mortar and pestle. Make sure these threads are completely dry. Then, use your mortar and pestle to pulverise the threads into powder. Once you are satisfied with the consistency of the threads, place them in a cup or bowl and add warm water. Ideally, the longer you let your saffron sit the stronger the aroma and flavour will be. However, if you are short on time 30 minutes will suffice.


How to brew Saffron : 

cooking with saffron

In order to brew your saffron in preparation for cooking, you must not use boiling water. Boiling water will destroy the saffron threads and cause them to lose their flavour and scent. When brewing saffron, make sure the water is at about 45 degrees celsius before letting it cool with the saffron inside.

You can brew saffron using threads or powder. If you are brewing saffron threads, they will need to sit for about 24 hours to extract the full-bodied flavour you are after. Saffron powder only needs 30 minutes to 3 hours for the same effect.

Preparing saffron by brewing will allow you to easily use saffron in a variety of stews, meals and drinks.

How to make liquid Saffron :

Liquid saffron is the tastiest way to enjoy saffron and it is super easy to make! Simply add salt, or sugar, or whatever extra dry flavouring your recipe recommends and crush it with the saffron in your mortar and pestle before soaking it for half an hour in warm water or milk. Use as desired!