Himalayan Salt Blocks Guide

What Are Himalayan Salt Blocks?

A Himalayan salt block is a pink-colored salt slab with a higher amount of minerals than regular table salt. A total of 84 minerals are present in the pink Himalayan salt including potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.

Salt slabs are mined from the Khewra mines in the Punjab region of Pakistan and carved into different shapes and sizes. The product is preheated in the oven or stovetop before use to avoid moisture.

Salt block for cooking:

Himalayan salt blocks make your food visually appealing and used in many hot and cold foods.

Himalayan Salt Blocks

What Are the Benefits of Cooking with Himalayan Salt Blocks?

Cooking on a salt block may have a few benefits.

Fantastic heat resistance and distribution – Himalayan salt block is an excellent heat distributor which reduces the cooking time and may protect your meal from becoming too salty.

Imparts healthy minerals to food – Pink salt has 98% of sodium chloride and 2% of remaining minerals including potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. These minerals give the salt a different color and slightly different flavor than table salt.

A delicate, yet full-bodied salt flavour – Himalayan pink salt has richness in flavour. A perfect way to cook meals over a salt block and avoid the addition of other chemicals.

Retain heat for longer – Salt blocks retain heat and can be used as a platter for your food and can give you little warmth when you feel cold.

A natural antimicrobial surface – Pink Himalayan salt blocks can fight germs with their antimicrobial properties. Adding it to foods can help to minimize unwanted bacterial growth.

Uses of Himalayan Salt:

Himalayan salt can be used in many ways including cooking, baking, presentation, and even in the skincare routine.

Cooking – Pink salt block uses include preparing and serving food which is a unique way. Heat it slowly while you are cooking on a salt block as high heat can crack the salt block.

Chilling – You can use your salt block for chilling your food. If you want to give your food a little chill at room temperature, then use your salt block. It will help you make your food cold faster. You can use it as an ice cream chiller as well by putting it in the refrigerator.

Curing – You can use a Himalayan salt block to cure thin-sliced meats. Refrigerate your salt slabs for some hours and then directly put your meat or fish slices. You will easily observe the curing process taking place. 

Presentation – You can use a Himalayan salt block as a cold serving platter to present your food and dry and cold desserts. Refrigerate your salt block for 2 hours before using.

Pink salt from the Himalayas

How to Store and Clean your Himalayan Salt Rocks

Let it cool first before cleaning a salt block. Now clean your salt with a damp washcloth and use only water, no soap. Keep the water quantity minimum so that you can save your salt from dissolving in water. You can use a soft brush to clean the tough spots.

After cleaning, make sure your salt block is completely dry. Store it in a cool and dry place, maybe you need to wrap it in a towel if your living area is humid.

Himalayan salt lamp