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Frequently Asked questions

Our saffron comes from Iran, as does most of the saffron in the world. This is because the saffron in Iran is cultivated by professional harvesters who use traditional, chemical-free methods for cultivation. They know how to grow saffron, nurture the plant and extract its powers using only traditional methods. This means that Persian saffron is typically free of all pesticides, preservatives, additives and even food colouring.

The flowers that produce saffron are named crocus sativus. The crocus sativus is purple in colour, beautiful to look at and has an aromatic smell. It only blooms between from October to November and requires very specific growing conditions. The saffron crocus is made up of three parts that are all separated before the process of drying: the stigmas, the stamen, and flower petals.

Saffron can be used for medicine, cooking and drinking and beauty and wellbeing. Not only is Saffron bursting with flavour, but it is also filled with antioxidants that can have lasting positive effects on your health, both mental and physical. 


Saffron Uses In Medicine

  • Powerful Antioxidant 
  • Alleviate and treat symptoms of depression
  • Reduces PMS symptoms 
  • Can help with cognition including combating Alzheimer’s 
  • Helps to boost libido
  • Can potentially aid with weight loss and appetite 


Saffron In Cooking And Drinking


Saffron For Beauty And Wellbeing 

  • Brightens and adds radiance to your skin 
  • Treats acne and blemishes
  • Evens complexion 
  • Fights free radicals to prevent ageing


Saffron is a truly unique and incredible spice that can not be replicated and the growing saffron needs more than usual plant care. The saffron spice is plucked from the flowers by hand. Millions of flowers and a lot of struggle are required in order to harvest a small amount of saffron. This requires an extravagant amount of money and effort. Approx. 225,000 saffron threads need to be plucked by hand using tweezers to make a pound of saffron.

Yes. Our saffron is completely non-GMO, chemical free and organic. This is because our saffron is harvested and grown using only traditional Persian methods.

Our farming practises mirror those of our ancestors with thanks to 40+ years of International Sanctions to ensure we can keep it that way. 


“Because we farm on a small scale, we can afford to farm the traditional way, which means we only use the natural desert soil and rainwater, and we never add growth chemicals to our soil or water. We pluck our saffron before sunrise when the flowers are at the peak of their potency then dry our saffron naturally at room temperature.” – Saffronice.

Saffron is cultivated best in the extreme cold, wet winters, hot summers, and sandy soil. This is why 90% of the world’s saffron comes from Iran, including ours. Saffron is also grown in Iran, Afghanistan, India, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Morocco.

Saffron threads keep for around two years when stored correctly. In order to ensure your saffron lasts as long as possible you must keep it in a clean, airtight container and store it in a cool dry place away from sunshine. We suggest separating your saffron into several containers and using one at a time in order to best preserve the spice.

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YourSaffron sells a wide range of Saffron products such as Saffron herbs, threads, tea, coffee, honey, soaps and supplements. Their Saffron is grown, processed and packaged in Iran. The Saffron handpicked and dried using traditional Persian methods ensuring potent and fresh produce. The health benefits Saffron has to offer are second to none and that’s why we want to share the magic spice with all of Australia.

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