Creating a Healthy Home

9 Ways to Create a Healthier Home

Why it is important to create a healthy home? Because a clean home helps you safe from contaminants, chemicals, and the pests that find food in your house for them and some time they become your food. Keep it clean to maintain the health of your family and prevent diseases and severe illnesses that come with the unclean home. Not only the surface cleaning but healthy cleaning means cleaning from corner to ceiling, creating a good air ventilating mechanism, fixing the drainage system, etc.

Healthier Home

1. Let the Fresh Air In

Make sure to have your windows open to let your home absorb the fresh air. However, if you live in a polluted area then there must be some other things you need to follow to clear the air pollution from inside.

You should add indoor plants as an air purifier and fresh air. Also, you can buy Himalayan salt lamps as it helps clear the air impurities and let you live in better air quality. These salt lamps are made of the naturally mined Himalayan salt rock that contains minerals and vitamins. Their exposure to negative ions help reduce the stress and enhance the air quality.

Fresh Air
Hand Washing

2. Encourage Frequent Hand Washing

One of the important things while making a healthy home is making a healthy YOU and the first step of healthy living at home starts with your hands cleaning. Washing your hands regularly after every task makes a huge difference. In the current pandemic, it is important to wash your hands after every while and make sure your kids practice this routine as those little hands can get affected by contaminants more quickly.

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3. Watch Out for Fragranced Products

Avoid the fragrances for your house to stay away from the allergic reactions and make your house smell good naturally. Make sure to buy the products which are produced naturally. You will easily find safe laundry and cleaning products. The fragrance products with chemicals in it may lead to serious health issues or may affect your breathing.

Fragranced Products
Healthy food

4. Healthy food to make at home

Taking a healthy meal with the right routine, less screen time and some physical exercises are very important to have a healthy living. Cut off the processed food, eat more fruits and vegetables, and pick the organic spices in your food.

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5. Be Smart About Chemical Flame Retardants

Avoid the chemical flame retardants and use the mattresses and other products with no chemical flame retardants. If you can’t afford such a mattress then there are companies that make conventional mattresses without any chemicals and are approved by doctors.

Electronics also contain flame retardants so try to limit it in children’s rooms and add the switches which are non-reachable for children.

Chemical Flame Retardants

6. Use water filters for your drinking water

Water is the basic need to live, and it must be a healthy consumption and not the one with chemicals and impurities. Filtration can protect you from toxins and save all the necessary minerals for your consumption. Water filtration also clears limescale the white substance of calcium carbonate deposited by water on the inside of pipes and kettles.

7. Choose Cleaning Products Carefully

There are many products in the market that contain harmful chemicals. You can use natural products instead. Like using baking soda or vinegar mixed with lemon juice as it works as a good cleaning agent. Baking soda can be used as a great scrubber and has the ability to absorb bad odors.

Vinegar is another bad odor absorber and can be used to clean appliances like juicers, blenders, coffee maker,s etc., to remove the calcium buildup.  

Cleaning Products
Self-Care Products

8. Avoid the Worst Ingredients in Self-Care Products

When it comes to self-care products, many products that are claimed to be safe may have harmful chemicals. Make sure to buy the ingredients having all the ingredients labeled and are mostly plant-based. There is a list of chemicals that you need to avoid so read the ingredients and if you find any of them in the list, do not buy it.

  • Triclosan & Triclocarban
  • Parabenes with the names Propyl, Isopropyl, Butyl, and Isobutyl.
  • Phthalates
  • Fragrance
  • Formaldehyde or Formalin
  • Boric Acid & Sodium Borate
  • PEG/Ceteareth/Polyethylene
  • Coal Tar Hair Dyes + Aminophenol, Diaminobenzene, Phenylenediamine
  •  Oxybenzone

9. Reduce Allergy Problems.

First, understand the kind of allergies you have so that you will know the products and chemicals that you must avoid and see what products help reduce those allergies. Things that may be allergic to you and your family are harsh cleaning products, bedding and self-care products, mold, fragrance, dust, and unfiltered water to name a few. Beware of the term “hypoallergenic” as it is not a regulated term and is mostly used as a marketing tactic.

To apply healthy home standards in your house, you must take care of the following things:

  • Plant yourself or buy organic and healthy food to make at home.
  • Use the right standards for heating insulation, ventilation, and moisture absorption.
  • Take care of the moisture ingress and drainage and draught stopping in your house and make sure to fill the gaps and fix the drainage pipes to keep the stormwater, surface water, and ground dirt and water away from your home.
  • Make sure to have good heating standards like a fixed heating device that can reach 18 degrees Celsius on the coldest winter days.
  • Boarding houses must comply with local council requirements so that the important needs can be discussed and approved if any of them is missing. 
Reduce Allergy Problems