Saffron Help You Sleep

Can Saffron Help You Sleep?

Sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep paralysis, restless leg syndrome, etc. are very common, especially with the current generation. Your body cannot process properly without having a right sleep and the disturb patterns of sleep make you numb or weak throughout the day. Although it is now considered as a global public health pandemic, unfortunately, it often goes unrecognized and creates a negative impact. There is a proper treatment for a healthy sleep that can be done through exercises, medicines, diet plans, and medication.

How does saffron help you to sleep?

While many of the medicines come with side effects there are some natural herbs that you can use to have a good sleep without raising any other issue. New research from Murdoch University suggests that saffron is one of those natural products that can enhance the quality of your sleep if you are struggling with it. The affron saffron is the concentrated extract of saffron used in this study at a dose of 14mg. Remember that buying the original product is not easy and people are selling the saffron with added chemicals and preservatives. Buying a replica of saffron will just loosen your pockets but will not give any good to your sleep and you will end up with the same feeling of disturbance while sleeping.


Poor sleep quality results in significant health implications, disrupting mental and physical strength and creating a disturbance in daily function. Adrian Lopresti, the lead researcher of the research of Murdoch University for investigating the sleep-enhancing effects of saffron. This research was done on 58 adults who are sleep deprived and having difficulty getting to or staying asleep. Also, they were not being treated for depression and had not taken any medicine for anything for at least four weeks. 

A 14mg dose of saffron extract was given to them twice a day, over 28 days that results in improved sleep quality. These changes start happening and observed within the first week of this treatment and because of the improvement in sleep, their mental and physical abilities were also improved and they were better in answering and doing the tasks given to them on which they have a reluctant behaviour before the treatment. This research aroused the interest in studying saffron more to know more about its properties and effects after consuming it. 

The research suggests that having saffron as a part of a daily meal or even taken in a warm cup of milk can be beneficial for a good sleep. Dr. Adrian Lopresti’s previous research on saffron was done to check whether it is a good antidepressant for the patients experiencing mild-to-moderate depression, that research too was successful and affirming. If you have this spice in your cupboards and you are adding in your routine, you are missing a lot. 

Although this research has given the significant improvement in the sleep of many adults, we still need to have further studies to verify these findings on larger sample sizes of saffron extract and volunteers with different physical and mental capabilities and different sleeping patterns.