All You Need To Know About Paprika

Spices amplify the taste of our food and add the deliciousness that serves our taste buds to crave more. After salt and pepper, paprika is the spice that is used in cuisines around the world. It is made of dried and ground red peppers which are the varieties of Capsicum annuum. The peppers of paprika are comparatively milder than other chili peppers.

The word paprika refers to the fruit of the plant from which the spice is being made. The paprika peppers have been cultivated in Central Mexico for centuries. In the 16th century, paprika was brought to Spain from where it went to Hungary and that is where paprika starts its journey from the stomach to heart. 

Paprika is loved by many but there are many who don’t like this spice in their meals because they feel it is the extra addition that can be replaced by other red peppers or black pepper. Let’s see why you should keep this bright red color in your kitchen cabinets by the use of different types of paprika.

Types of Paprika

As you have experienced different types of chili peppers and other spices, you can see many kinds of paprika in your closest stores. These different kinds come with a different flavor profile that when combined with different ingredients of your meal, makes a unique flavor to set a bar higher than the usual spices you are using.

Hungarian Paprika or Hot Paprika

The most natural and flavorful and spicy is the Hungarian paprika that comes up with eight different types. These types range from mild to hot with complexity in flavor. Some of the most used types of Hungarian Paprika are listed below.

How spicy is Hungarian Paprika?

Hungarian paprika is milder than Spanish paprika and is commonly used to season soups, stews, and rice.

What is Hungarian Paprika Good For?

Hungarian paprika is a good option for creating seasoning and cooking blends for the savories like rice, goulash, and other traditional and modern Hungarian recipes.

Sweet Paprika or Regular Paprika

The most common type of paprika you will find in stores is sweet or regular paprika. It has a delicate and precise flavor, which usually comes from bell peppers. Sweet paprika is used for garnishing, and for adding color to your meals.

Spanish Paprika 

Spanish paprika is the very first paprika and over the years the Spanish people have developed a variety of its flavors. But the most famous paprika of Spain is pimentón. It has a different range of sweet, mild, and hot with a smoky touch that differs it from Hungarian paprika.

Turkish Paprika

It is claimed to be the finest in the world. Turkish paprika is sweet red pepper powder used in Turkish cuisine especially in meat, poultry, and salads to add vibrant color and mild flavor rather than having hot varieties like pepper flakes.

Portuguese Paprika

It is made from ground red pepper and is hot. Portuguese paprika is also called Colorado which is much-loved and traded by Portuguese people. This paprika can be found in both ways; grounded or smoked (in oak fire) and grounded.

Spanish vs Hungarian Paprika

Hungarian paprika is mildly spicy while Spanish paprika is considered to be the hottest spice in the world. Hungarian paprika can be found in different grades ranging from sweet to strong. Spanish on the other hand, comes in 4 different types.

The Types of Hungarian Paprika includes:

    • Noble sweet
    • Special quality
    • Delicate
    • Exquisite delicate
    • Pungent exquisite delicate
    • Rose
    • Semi-sweet
    • Strong

The Types of Spanish Paprika are:

    • Pimentón dulce (sweet or mild)
    • Pimentón agridulce (bittersweet)
    • Pimentón picante (hot and spicy)
    •  Pimentón de la Vera (smoked in oak wood)