7 Ways to Make Your Skin Glow Naturally at Home

 The largest organ in the human body is the skin and like every other organ, we need to take care of it too. There are some skin-related diseases that may go severe but early care and treatment can save us from big trouble. Taking care of your skin gives you beautiful, healthy, and glowing skin. It also saves you from many skin diseases.

The skin glow is a sign of a happy, confident, and the best version of you. It makes you vibe positively so that you can make a brighter day for yourself and others. How are you going to make your skin glow? There are many glowing skin products in the market you can buy but why not glow skin naturally? When you can do it at home with the ingredients you have then why go and buy the stuff having side effects? Let us follow these 7 different ways for amazing skin with our kitchen or home ingredients.

1. Virgin Coconut Oil

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of coconut oil heal the inflammation of the skin. Coconut oil can be used in multiple ways to take care of the skin. Massage it to your skin as it works best as a moisturizer and let it soak into the skin for a few minutes then wash your face with your normal cleanser. The benefits of coconut oil include: 

    • Coconut oil is used as a makeup cleaner to not only remove the makeup but to protect the skin from the side effects of chemicals in your makeup.
    • Soothing the surface of the skin
    • Make your skin healthy and moist

Coconut oil may not work for your skin type. If you have allergies to coconut, then using it is not a good choice for you.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera also contains healing properties. It may prompt the growth of new skin cells. It moisturizes the clogged pores so that there will be no acne formed. Using it each day after washing your face gives you healthy and glow skin naturally. 

Aloe vera can also be allergic for some skin types, try it by rubbing on a small patch of your skin and wait for 24 hours. You can use it regularly if there is no reaction.

3. Henna

Henna has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-aging properties that give your skin relief and a feel of coolness. Traditionally Henna was used for coloring hands, nourishing the scalp, and relieving joints and muscles but now it is also used as a skin cleanser. Homemade henna facial masks are great to treat the sign of scars and aging signs.

4. Drink More Water To Get Skin Glow

If you had great skin before but now it mostly remains dry, then one of the reasons for it may be that you are consuming less amount of water than the amount you need to stay hydrated. Try to drink more water, if you forget to drink then you can keep a water bottle with you so that you can get rid of the dry skin.

Make a target of drinking 8 glasses of water per day.

5. Saffron

Saffron (Kesar) is the most expensive spice among all the spices in the world. The flower crocus sativus grows once a year in some of the areas in the world that makes its stigmas, the saffron, expensive.

Saffron can be used in many ways to remove skin pigmentation, blemishes, and acne. A gentle exfoliation improves blood circulation that gives glowing skin to skin.

Upgrade Your Usual Face Mask. (saffron and henna)

Saffron and henna is a wonderful combination for treating skin blemishes, scars, and giving the skin a glow. Many women in Indian and Asian families start the use of henna and ubtan when their wedding is near for the glow of skin and hair. On the other hand, saffron is also vastly used to treat and beautify the skin and to give a healthy and royal touch in drinks and meals.

Mix saffron, henna, and turmeric with some milk and apply to have smooth, bright, and scar-free skin.

 Drinking saffron

Saffron is also known as a sunshine spice because of its golden color and the multiple properties that are vital to treating some diseases. You will feel light and energetic by drinking it regularly.

    • Drinking Saffron with Milk or Tea
    • Improves mood
    • Protects the cells against free radical
    • May reduce PMS symptoms
    • May treat mild to moderate depression
    • May reduce cancer-causing cells with other medications

6. Cucumbers

Cucumber is a great source that makes your skin tone in order. The anti-hyaluronidase activity that cucumber has, keeps the hyaluronidase enzyme from degrading into hyaluronic acid. The largest amount of hyaluronic acid is found in your skin and the job of this acid is to retain water to keep your tissues moist that eventually exhibit a glow on your skin barrier.

7. Green Tea

Green tea leaves can be used as a facial steamer to allow your skin to glow. Boil the leaves in water and take steam from that water. Let your skin absorb the steam for about 10 minutes and then wash your face.

You can make an easy face mask with few leaves of green tea, sugar, and honey (1 tsp each). Rub it gently on your face in a circular motion and wash it off after a few minutes. This is one great exfoliator.