Date Seed

Amazing Fun Facts About Date Seed

Picture yourself eating a date – do you spit out the seed? Our natural reaction to seeds is to throw them out but when it comes to date seeds we should do the complete opposite. 

Largely produced in the Middle East, date seeds and date seed oil are not only a by-product of a superfood but are a superfood in themself. Date seeds contain carbohydrates, dietary fibre, ash and protein. Another bonus is that date seed oils are also jam-packed with minerals & vitamins and fatty acids which is what makes this little seed so sought after and powerful. 

You may be wondering how to eat date seeds, and the answer is there are many ways! 

The most common way to consume date seeds is as a substitute for coffee. Date coffee is entirely caffeine-free so you can say goodbye to the jitters. The Date Seed coffee alternative gives you natural, revitalizing energy that makes you feel ready for the day. 

Grown and harvested in Iran, our date palm trees grow naturally without any need for chemicals or pesticides. Try our date seed coffee full of health benefits and flavour.

Other ways to consume date seeds is to turn them into a powder and then use the date seed powder by mixing it into your favourite spread, sprinkling it over your yoghurt or making a syrup with lemon and warm water. 

How to make date seed powder: 

Considering all of the date seed powder benefits, it’s handy to know exactly how to make it. 

To turn your date seeds into a powder, first, you must wash them then let them dry completely. This can take up to 3 days. Once dried, grind the seeds of the dates in the same way you grind coffee! 

To turn date seeds into a syrup simply soak them for 24 hours and then grind with water. 

Date Seed Health Benefits

A true gift from nature, date seeds house medicinal properties that can:


  • Fights Free Radicals
    Date seeds are rich in proanthocyanidins which is an antioxidant that actively protects both the liver and kidney from free radicals. This means it can prevent kidney and liver from toxins and damage. 
  • Help with diabetes
    Date seeds can potentially protect the kidney and liver from experiencing damage as a result of diabetes. 
  • Fight viral infections
  • due to their high antioxidant activity.
    Date seeds can be used to both prevent and cure viral infections. 
  • Prevent DNA damage
    Date seeds have been seen to act as a defence against chemically-induced attacks on your body and organs. 

The health benefits don’t stop there. Date seed oil, which is derived from the date seed has been found to be as richly beneficial as olive oil. Date seed oil consists of four fatty acids; oleic acid, linoleic acid, lauric acid and palmitic acid. This high fatty acid content has several health benefits. 

  • Skin Benefits
    The natural antioxidants found in date seed oil are excellent at repairing damaged or ageing skin. Date seed oil can also prevent your skin from oxidative stress. 
  • Healthy Scalp
    Date seed oil is a good source of omega-6 fatty acids. The oil extracted from date seeds can be used to nourish your scalp which promotes hair growth and removes dandruff. 
  • Thickens Hair
    Date seed oil is a good source of high amino acid and vitamin B2, both of which are excellent agents at strengthening hair follicles and increasing hair elasticity. 
  • Moisturizes Hair
    Another bonus for your hair; date seed oil contains omega-6 and omega fatty acids that are able to control oil and curb water loss, keeping your hair moisturised and intact. Use date seed oil and you will no longer have dry, brittle hair! 
  • Prevents Premature Greying

The high vitamin content of dates naturally protects against pigment loss which can help retain the melanin in your hair. 

There are several more reasons to add date seeds into your diet like dietary fibre and great taste. The easiest way to add date seeds into your daily routine is through date seed coffee. 

Our unique and delicious date seed coffee substitute is made using roasted date seeds from freshly picked date fruits and turning those seeds into powder. With this stunning date seed powder, you can get all of your favourite parts of your coffee- no chemicals, just natures best!

Much like dates, these date coffee beans are full of antioxidants and protein, and even iron. With this coffee, you can harvest the date seeds power and fight free radical stress with every cup.  There are many date seed coffee health benefits- we’ve only just scratched the surface. Try it today!