5 Top Health advice

5 Top Health advice of All Time from Doctors

Whenever we want to start a healthy diet, we first jump to the idea of searching it on google, and most articles we have seen there are giving you the same advice on repeat that delivers the worst tips for maintaining good health. Most articles you find on google discuss the trivial things include:

  • Consuming low fat, low salt, and lots of water
  • Lose weight
  • Avoid lean proteins
  • Exercise
  • Reduce added sugar
  • Eat your breakfast
  • Embrace moderation in eating
  • Replace saturated fats with vegetable oils

Some pieces of advice are no doubt very important that you need to follow for a healthy living but there are many that you are blindly following and making yourself depressed and that is why you are not achieving your goal of a healthy lifestyle.

Start your healthy resolution today by following these health tips from the doctors and nutrition professionals having decades of experience and improve your life. Here are the 5 most important health tips you must follow to have a wonderful life ahead.

1. Keep Insulin Normal

insulin The normal insulin level serves you best as it will prevent so many of your health problems. It will reduce and control inflammation, metabolic syndrome, blood pressure, and decrease the risk of cancer. Keep your insulin levels normal by lowering your carbohydrates, increasing your healthy fats, and avoiding vegetable oils. Keep a diet that helps you lower down your insulin level as it is the best way to be healthy.

2. Fasting

intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is another very important tip for a healthy routine. You need to skip breakfast, yes! You heard it right. Many people suggest you do a healthy breakfast but skipping breakfast helps you in burning your body fats. The second thing you need to do to follow intermittent fasting is to stop snacking as every time you consume snacks, you stimulate insulin in your body.

3. Get Healthy to Lose Weight

loose weightWe usually follow the wrong program to lose weight. We focus on losing weight first and think that it will make us healthy, instead, we need to understand that if we start making a healthy routine our health will become better and that will help us lose weight. Eating fewer calories does not mean minimizing it way too much that you may minimize having the necessary nutrients you need daily.

4. Do Healthy Keto

ketoDo not fall for the idea of “there are no bad foods”. It is the way of marketing by junk food giants. We do have foods that cannot do any good even if we consume them in a moderate amount. A keto diet is a healthy way of consuming grass-fed and quality food i.e., food with low-carb and high nutrients. Food having ketones provides the fuel source that keeps the body in an active and productive state while junk food makes you lazy.

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5. Exercise, Sleep and Reduce Stress


The higher the insulin level the lower the chances of weight loss. Stress triggers insulin exercise and reduces stress. So, exercise daily to release your stress and reduce your weight. But remember to get plenty of sleep so that you can give rest to your muscles and exercise properly the next day to promote a healthy body.